Holy Bleep! (Daughters & Ryan Picayune)

pt-dre0040Where do I start?

Well, to begin with, I overread a discussion in one of my pipe groups where someone asked, “what was the strongest tobacco that anyone had heard of?”

There were over a dozen responses that labeled Daughters & Ryan Picayune as the strongest tobacco, so of course I immediately had to order some.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t that!

Well, to get my order in took about a month before I could afford the shipping, but I was treated to a reasonably nondescript, shag cut, four oz bag of tobacco, that seemed a little dry.

No bother, dry just means that I don’t have to air it out first.

So, I load my pipe, a Savinelli de luxe Milano 510 KS bulldog, with the blend and prepared to have my socks knocked off.

I have read many reviews on it, and even heard stories of people who have passed out smoking this tobacco, but it honestly didn’t look that dangerous to me.

From tobaccoreviews.com;

A full bodied blend of exceptional dark air-cured and the finest flue-cured Gold Leaf tobaccos. Combined with rare and flavorful Perique tobacco and Samsun Oriental tobacco.

The aroma of the bag left something to be desired as well, it smells something like cigarette tobacco; probably a reflection of the air-cured Virginias, even though the fragrance was quite faint.

It lit easily enough, and within three draws the pipe I knew I was in for a ride.  I inhaled the third draw, and found that to be quite a mistake.  Though the tobacco inhales, unlike other mixtures, it is very, very strong, and one inhale and I was buzzing.  Whether or not that was from the lack of oxygen, or simply the strength of the tobacco, I don’t know, but within another three draws I was a veritably vibrating.

Whether or not the story of the person passed out smoking this tobacco is due to the fact that he smoked it too quickly or that he inhaled it I am not sure, but I do not recommend inhaling this tobacco.

I tried smoking the bowl inhaling every fourth or fifth draw, but I found that before I even got to the bottom of the bowl, I was getting nauseous.  The tobacco is simply too strong for inhalers.

A couple of hours later when I was feeling better, so I loaded another bowl, and this time I took my time smoking it and didn’t inhale.  Well, after finishing the bowl I was still buzzing, but at least this time I wasn’t nauseous.

My conclusion?  This is a great tobacco if you need a pickup, but not something that you would just sit and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.  If you’re a compulsive inhaler, stay away from Daughters & Ryan Picayune, it is simply too strong for that.

The dictionary defines picayune as something small or trivial, such as a 5¢ coin.  I say there’s nothing small or trivial, or cheap about Daughters & Ryan picayune.

Consider picking some up if you ever need a fast pick me up, I totally believe there’s nothing stronger.

Pipes and cigars sells this blend in a TIN, BAG or BULK at $6.99 for the 40 gram tin, $29.45 for a 14 ounce bag, or less than $2.00 an ounce if you buy in bulk.  All prices are in USD.

Pick some up, it’s a real RUSH!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

3 thoughts on “Holy Bleep! (Daughters & Ryan Picayune)

  1. I reckon this blend is best reserved for a cigarette. Its much better and more refined in that manner, but yes it will whomp you on the head. I smoke about a pack of these a week and love to pass sticks off to supposed “Heavy Smokers” – Jokes on them.

  2. My Hubby orders this to blend with two other tobacco’s for rolling his own cigarettes, even as a heavy cig smoker this one “knocked his pants off” , I’ve tried throwing a pinch in some of my low Nicotine pipe blends that are a bit wet and found it a nice boost.

  3. I find it too strong to smoke straight; but I really like the flavor and perique seasoning, so I blend it half and half with inexpensive vanilla aromatics, or, for a classier mix, Lane RLP 6.

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