Uniquely Delicious (Hearth & Home Viprati)

Personally endorsed by famed Italian pipe maker Luigi Viprati, this is a robust blend of ripe red and sweet bright Virginias combined with some dark-fired leaf for complexity, unflavored black Cavendish for smoothness and a healthy amount of zesty Louisiana Perique.  Try a richer type of Va/Per, unlike any you’ve ever tried.

pt-hmn0050Well, that sounds promising!

But, then again, since they’re trying to sell a product, it only makes sense that the back of the tin would endorse the tobacco within.

And, also, I am not entirely certain what a pipe maker knows about pipe tobacco, so I cannot say for certain that Luigi’s endorsement means that it’s a good tobacco, but he obviously thinks so if he’s going to put his name on it.

However, I am always up for a good Va/Per call it even if it does contain that dreaded Cavendish, so when Val Shannahan began his own endorsement, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

So, I’m coming to learn that Russ Ouellette, the blender behind Hearth & Home, is truly a master of his craft, and yet another Hearth & Home blend does not disappoint.

While I’m normally not a Cavendish fan and I find most Cavendish blends to be bland and tasteless, I had high hopes for this one after the rave reviews Val gave it.

The smell in the can is one of Va/Per-ee goodness, with an obvious amount of Perique powering the aroma, without overpowering it.

Not too moist, the tobacco packs readily and easily into my Kaywoodie Regent, and lights with my BIC in a matter of a few puffs.

That is where I say that this tobacco is uniquely delicious.  The grassy Virginias form a base for the spicy Perique that would be almost too powerful if it weren’t expertly smoothed out by the unflavored black Cavendish.  Just smooth, rich, and spicy I find this tobacco satisfying within the first half a dozen puffs, and for the remainder of the pipe I am relaxed and mellow.

The pipe smokes for a good 40 minutes, and leaves behind a miniscule amount of dottle, sating my need and leaving me calm and warmed.

Another fine job by Russ Ouellette, I am looking forward to more Hearth & Home blends as well as Russ’ new signature line.

You can get Viprati at pipesandcigars.com in the 50 gm size for $9.99 USD where they give this description;

Named for famed Italian pipe maker Luigi Viprati, Hearth & Home Marquee Series’ Viprati was created with the master craftsman in mind. Luigi loves Virginia/Perique blends, especially those that are richer and more flavorful. To create something that would suit his tastes, our blender, Russ Ouellette, started out with three different Virginias, selected for their sweetness, along with a healthy amount of Perique. To round it out, a special fire-cured tobacco is added to add richness and body. The result is a zesty blend with more than the usual amount of depth. During the trials, it became a big hit with some of our most ardent VaPer fans and we think you’ll enjoy it, too.

Try it, I am certain that if you are at all a Va/Per fan, you are going to love this!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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