Mulled Wine on a Cool Spring Day (GQTobaccos Christmas Blend 2014)

GQ_Blends_Christmas_Blend_2014__92290.1413199426.220.220When I learned that Glynn Quelch had set aside 100 g of his Christmas Blend 2014 for me I was ecstatic.  I have loved every blend that I have tried from GQ Tobaccos and I think Glynn is an understated master of his craft.

So, you can imagine my surprise when Royal Post and Canada Post managed to deliver my package in less than a week, and I tore into it with gusto.

In the box was a plain, transparent bag with a simple white label on it that displays Glynn’s logo and on the ribbon the words “Christmas Blend 2014” along with some other goodies including a few new bowls for my falcons.

So after a bowl of GQ’s Breakfast Blend in my Falcon International, I placed a new dry ring in my Falcon Shillelagh and the new snifter bowl on it and opened up the bag of Christmas Blend.

Wanting to be surprised, I never looked up anything on Glynn’s Christmas blend until I began to write this review, so I was very pleasantly surprised to not be greeted by the typical “plum pudding” aroma of other people’s holiday blends, but rather the heady, spicy notes of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cloves.

I damn near drooled!

As it is quite typical of GQ’s blends, the Christmas Blend 2014 was a little too moist to load directly into the pipe.  I believe Glynn makes his tobaccos that way to prepare them for long overseas voyages; much better than getting a dried out, flavorless mass of tobacco.

10 minutes of airing, and the Christmas Blend 2014 was ready to load into my falcon shillelagh with the new snifter bowl.

What!  A!  Treat!

The orange/brandy bass notes form the base upon which the grassy Virginias, sweet Cavendish, and nutty Burley create a baritone of characters.  This steady rhythm section are led by a brilliant symphony of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, and a touch of star anise.

I sat stupefied, simply experiencing this smoke for 45 minutes before remembering that I was reviewing this tobacco.  It had a taste of mulled wine, and I felt it warm me on this cool spring day.

Well, the tobacco is simply brilliant, outstanding, beyond compare.  But all of this really doesn’t matter much, since I have the last 100 g of this tobacco!

So what in the nine hells are you reviewing then, Erin?!

Honestly, Glynn Quelch; I’m reviewing Glynn’s ability to create a masterful blend.

Glynn went with a similar theme to his 2013 Christmas blend, and sold out before the end of the holidays.  This particular pouch he had set aside for me, but we couldn’t arrange to get it to me until mid-march.

As I said before, understated, and humble, Glynn Quelch is a masterful blender with a nose for details and a distinguished palate.

Though you can’t get this blend unless you come to visit me, or go to visit Glynn, every other blend of his that I have tried is worth paying the extra price for getting it on the European market.

Even if you want blends custom made, Glynn is your man!  He can reliably guess your needs in as little as one attempt, though realistically it takes a few tries.  I have put my faith in GQ Tobaccos to create two blends for the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club, and they are both international hits.

Glynn’s blends are available exclusively at his website,, and make sure you get in line for his next limited edition blend.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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