A Great Way to Start the Morning (GQ Tobaccos Breakfast Blend)

GQ_Blends_House_Selection_Breakfast_Blend__01152.1408984361.1280.1280Sleep was one of those elusive mysteries last night.  Not feeling well, I spent most of yesterday dozing on and off on the couch; so when bedtime came around, I guess who wasn’t tired?

So when I finally did nod off to sleep, at some time around five or 6:00 AM, I, again, spent the time until about 10:00 AM dozing on and off, getting up to pee twice, and trying to get comfortable.

So it was that I thought that this was going to be another dreary morning, when, before my first pipe, there’s a knock at the door, and a Royal Mail delivery.

You can imagine that this came as quite a surprise to me since I had only talked to Glynn about this in the last week or so; since when is Royal Mail, or Canada Post, prompt on delivery?

In any event, the box was filled with goodies from new falcon bowls to tobacco.  Mostly of interest was the 100 g of Christmas blend 2014, but also the 50 g of GQ’s Breakfast Blend.

Well, that certainly cheered up my day and I immediately took out the Plymouth falcon bowl and mounted it onto my falcon international after replacing the dry ring and loaded up with Glynn’s Breakfast Blend.

Well, I can’t complain about the sealed packaging, as I am certain it maintains freshness much better than the zip-lock bags that most other bulk tobacco sales comes in, but I have to say the bag is no good for people with mobility issues in their hands.

A little moist, I give the tobacco about 5 minutes to air out, and light up my first bowl of the day.

Well, I guessed Glynn, being English, would base his breakfast blend on Latakia, but I was delightfully startled to be met with an Izmir/Turkish foundation, woody and slightly sour.

Not what I expected, I looked up the tobacco on Glynn’s website only to find that this tobacco had no Latakia in it at all.  Instead it is a base of Turkish Izmir to which dark fired Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos are added.

Said to be creamy and sour, I found this blend to be just that, in a good way.

I fully enjoyed the 45 minute bowl, and when it was done I actually looked forward to my day.  By the time I sat down to write this, I was absolutely in a joyful mood, and even managed to get a great nap in.

A total win for G Q Tobaccos, Glynn is certainly making a name for himself in this field.

You can get a 50 gram bag of this tobacco from GQ Tobaccos for £11.90 which works out to $17.84 USD though there is somewhat of a discount if you order from outside the EU.

Like all of Glynn’s blends that I’ve tried, this one comes highly recommended!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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