Keeping Up With Insomnia (Villiger 1888 Late Night)

pt-v8d0050Hello!  Welcome to another joy-filled night of insomnia!  You know, for the briefest minute I actually thought I was going to get some sleep and then, my wife turned on the reading light and nope, no sleep for Erin.

Well, once again I won’t bore you with the details of my insomnia.  However, as I have said before, insomnia calls for a good cup of coffee and a bowl of good tobacco, so tonight I reached for my Villiger 1888 Late Night and was glad I did.

The tin has a couple of descriptions on it, one on the back and one on the front; the one on the back reads;

Classic mixture of bright Virginia from USA, Africa and Brazil blended with some fermented Black Cavendish.  Genuine Irish whiskey and fresh honey provide this blend with an exciting taste and flavor.

And on the front it reads;

A blend made from golden and sunrich Virginia tobaccos.  The tobacco is pressed into cakes and matures during storage.  After storage the cakes are cut and rubbed up.  This blend has a sweet flavor and round taste.

So, I open the can to be presented with some delightfully mottled rubbed-out flakes that are quite dry and load easily into the pipe without any further rubbing.

Pressing my nose to the tobacco, I met with the grassy scent of the Virginia tobacco, with a slightly sweet and distinctly whiskey under tone.

Without rubbing, the tobacco expands slightly when lit, and needed to be re-tamped before it would successfully light.

However, once that was done, the tobacco was merrily smoking away, and I was enjoying a rich, sweet, mellow tobacco smoking experience.

The tobacco smokes well, as well as being great tasting.  The tendency towards biting from Virginia tobaccos is strongly mitigated by the Irish whiskey and honey topping, and you’re left with just enough bite from this tobacco to be interesting.

About halfway through the bowl, which took 45 minutes, my brain was fresh and alert, and I sat down to write this review, casually smoking the rest of the pipe while I dictated the text.

From what I can smell of the room note, it is sweet and earthy, not at all unpleasant, though not an in-law tobacco.

The tobacco is strong enough to keep me from inhaling it too much, and delicious enough that I can finish the entire bowl.

And the dottle?  Virtually nonexistent!

The tobacco is imported by Villiger Stokkebye in North Carolina from Denmark, and the association of good tobacco with the Stokkebye name has long been established.

This tobacco is actually rated on the lower end for strength at, the though I think they underrate and it is actually stronger than that. sells the tobacco for $6.45 USD for the 1.75 oz (50 g) can.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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  1. Very nice review! I’m a fan of the Stokkebye bulk blends and have wondered about this tinned one. I think its just earned a spot on the “wish” list. Hope you sleep better tonight, Erin.

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