Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Erin Go Bragh Irish Whiskey Toro)

2015-03-18 13.57.36Since I’m not much of a drinker, I thought I would honour my Irish ancestors on St. Patrick’s Day by engaging in the other major Irish vice – smoking!  And I had just the stick for the job; the Erin Go Bragh Irish Whiskey Toro.

This is a fine looking, golden cigar with a solid double cap, a beautiful Indonesian Connecticut-shade wrapper, and almost no veins or seams to speak of – very attractive!  And I can’t help but love the label, which features a golden harp surrounded by lovely green and orange, bringing the Orange the Green together at last (well, I can dream, right?)

It was a very appealing Cuban-seed Honduran filler cigar with a pleasant wrapper note and pre-light draw that reminded me distinctly of Irish cream, a liqueur that I enjoy but can no longer have due to lactose intolerance.  Well, cigars instead then!

Cigars International had this to say:

Irish eyes are smiling!

Erin Go Bragh is a uniquely infused premium long-filler handmade with a gourmet blend. Erin Go Bragh soothes the palate with an enticing infusion of Irish whisky mellowed by creamy nuances and a slightly sweetened cap. These unique flavors gel nicely, further enhancing a fine recipe of aged Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos and beautiful Connecticut shade wrappers. The result is a palate pleasing flavor and luxurious aroma.

2015-03-18 13.57.47I clipped it with my portable single-guillotine and amazingly it clipped easily (thicker cigars often don’t do well with the single-cut). The initial draw was everything I had hoped for: mild-tasting buttery and creamy tobacco with just a hint of Irish whiskey.  There was no work at all for the draw; a very forgiving, delicious, medium-bodied smoke, perhaps ideal for the novice to sink her teeth into.

It took about twenty-five minutes to progress into the second third, which was every bit as tasty as the first, though I didn’t really notice much variation.  This is both the benefit, and drawback, of a good aromatic cigar.  Needless to say that since it wasn’t nearly as strongly flavoured as some other such cigars that I have smoked, and you could still clearly enjoy the golden Connecticut tobacco, I was enjoying it and thought it well-suited to the joyous nature of St. Patrick’s Day.

The final third began almost half an hour after that.  It remained tasty, sweet and pleasant for the duration of the smoke, and by this time that pleasant air had filled the whole car.  It took about fifteen minutes or so to get to the nub after that.

For an aromatic, I enjoyed this very much.  I asked Erin to order me a small box of cigarillos so that I could put them on rotation for a regular just-because-I-want-a-smoke sort of cigar.  I was going to give it a three-star rating; decent, well-worth smoking and thoroughly enjoyable; but then I saw the price point and I am inclined now to rate it at:

4 stars

You can get the Toro size for only $16 USD at Cigars International; and I ordered a box of fifty cigarillos at $19.99 USD.

So, for the price, you really can’t beat it if you can handle aromatics at all.  In this lady’s perspective, a bargain.  Irish eyes are smiling indeed!

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