An Introduction and a Review (Capstan Original Navy Cut)

Well, it certainly has been an interesting month for me at Smoking Jacket Magazine.

Let’s just say that the Chinese man who issued the curse, “may you live in interesting times,” should be dragged out into the street and shot.  Not that i care that he’s Chinese, or that he’s even a he…anyone who issues that phrase should be dragged out in the street and shot… and possibly urinated on!

And I’m not about to say that I would “bore” you with the details of my interesting month, but I will say that many of the things that happened to me this month don’t deserve to be put in print.

But one of the interesting things that happened to me is that I met, online, Jose and Kat Ruiz from Wisconsin.

Jose is an older man with a quirky sense of humor that enjoys a good pipe and good company.  Relax Jose, when I say older I mean older than 30.

Kat is a younger woman who patiently guides her computer illiterate man through the tedium of learning new things on the computer.  And though she is not a smoker herself, she is an obvious woman of taste, who appreciates the smell of a pipe.

Together Jose and Kat provide reviews on the tobacco that Jose is, hopefully, enjoying.  Jose provides the smoker’s perspective, taste, strength, fullness, and that sort of thing, whereas Kat provides the non-smoker’s perspective on how enjoyable this tobacco is to be around.Smoking-Pipe-icon

And they have agreed to work for Smoking Jacket Magazine.

So from now on, there will be a fairly regular article, at least I hope it’ll be fairly regular, called “the Piper and his Goodwife”.

And here is their first review;


Capstan Original Navy Cut

I hope everyone’s doing OK today, for your viewing enjoyment tonight’s review is on Mac Baren’s 

Capstan Original Navy Cut, the one in the blue can.
Pipe Used: M.M. freehand corncob

Tin Size: 1.76 oz. (50 g)

Tobacco: Virginia

Type: Flake

Tin Note: Natural honey and sweet Virginia leaf aroma.

Taste: Nicely aged Virginia that brings on the natural sweetness of the tobacco the more you smoke it. Richly smooth smoke, some robustness.

Strength: Medium to Medium Full

Room Note: Full strength and lots of body

Review Notes: Nice pressed flakes; the aroma out of the tin was fantastic. It reminded me of natural honeycomb sweetness, which comes from the aging of the Virginia leaf. I noticed it was a bit moist and can use some dry time. I had to air it for about 30-45 min for a better smoke. I used the fold-and-stuff method which I think produced a better complexity compared to when I rubbed it out, but if you do rub it out you get a nicer, more robust flavor and a little less sweetness,. I only needed a few relights, other than that it stayed lit. It deserves to be smoked slow, and I found it better in a deeper bowl. It burned long and cool with a natural sweetness and a nice, rich, medium body throughout the smoke. I recommend the blend, it is not a bad smoke at all.
I rate this one a 2.75 out of 5

The Wife’s Review:

This one was weird for me. When the hubby started it I got so little room note that I had him come near me to smell it. The smoke wafting out of the bowl smelled icky-gross like burning wet wood. The smoke emanating from him at first was non-existent in odor but it built up quickly like a freight train gaining speed. It went from, “are you smoking that?” to “holy crap are you done yet?” in about a minute flat. It wasn’t the worst I’ve smelled, by far, but if you don’t like creepers, stay away. I could handle this one in the summer, with the patio door open, or maybe once in a blue moon. It certainly wouldn’t be my first choice. And since it chased my neighbor out of the apartment, it might be good for getting rid of guests you don’t like (although I like them and was sorry to see them go).

2 thoughts on “An Introduction and a Review (Capstan Original Navy Cut)

  1. Very nice, fresh review! I hope to read more from Jose and Kat in the future; I like the dual perspective of their reviews quite a lot.

  2. What a perfect post for Tolkien Reading Day, since this was his personal favourite pipe tobacco! Welcome to the team, guys. I like the dual perspective and look forward to more of your work.

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