As Different as Cat People and Dog People

So, the other day was our monthly meeting of the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club.  Most of the pipe and cigar club are hobbyists with a couple of diehard enthusiasts, like me and Tad Seymour.  So basically when we get together Tad and I drag out our vast pipe tobacco cellars and allow people to dig through them for interesting things that they haven’t tried.  Pretty much everything is available, even a few vintage tins of tobacco, with the agreement that anything that is opened becomes property of the pipe club, and the pipe club replaces it.  With that agreement, Tad and I get to purchase all sorts of interesting tobaccos, and the pipe club gets to try all sorts of interesting tobaccos.

So early on in the meeting of pipe club, a new member asked if he could open up my tin of Cult Blood Red Moon and try it.  To which I replied of course and cautioned him that it was a cherry aromatic.

That is where things got interesting.  Looking around the pipe club I realized that I was met with a combination of expressions.  On one side, there were the abject looks of disgust, and on the other were the looks of intrigue.  It was then I realized; there really isn’t any middle ground when it comes to cherry aromatics.  In every person I’ve ever met, is either a person who, at minimum, likes cherry aromatics or a person who at the very least finds them horrible.

With countless cherry aromatic blends on the market, it stands to reason that cherry is a very popular tobacco flavour.  However, it has been my experience that virtually every cherry aromatic that I have tried tastes like cherry cough syrup.  I mean, there have been exceptions, but they are very, very rare.

Mostly, I pick up cherry aromatic tobaccos as part of the various other orders, sample packs, variety packs, and theme packs that I acquire on a fairly regular basis.  Somewhere, somehow, I am hoping to find one that is actually very good, but thus far I’ve only encountered those that barely passed muster.

Now, I’m not saying that this is a “Great Divide” that is going to separate the pipe smoking community, but it is definitely an interesting point.

In any event, the members the pipe club were polled and the divide was reasonably equal between those who like cherry aromatics, and those who really don’t.  I have never really encountered anybody who was neutral about cherry aromatics, never a person who said, “Cherry aromatic?  Yeah, I guess.”

So, to check my experience with statistics, I created this poll; please rate your opinion on cherry aromatics on a scale of 1 to 5, with zero added for “I absolutely refuse to smoke cherry aromatics”, and six added for “I smoke nothing but cherry aromatics!”

Let us see where the pipe community stands on this, this could be fun!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

4 thoughts on “As Different as Cat People and Dog People

  1. I have tried several and only one passes, for me, as an occasional change of pace blend: Z50 Black Cordial from Sutliff at P&C and I believe the same blend at packaged as Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap

  2. I personally HATE cherry anything, but I love the room note of Davidoff Red Mixture, and Hobbits Weed, and Pennsylvania Dutch Treat.

    Mind you, it could be that the most popular medication flavour for cough syrup and could be a subconscious hatred due to a link of illness.

    I also dislike cherry, partially due to thats how people mispronounce my name (being my name is Cherie)….

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