The Piper and His Goodwife – Mac Baren’s HH Vintage Syrian

Here is Jose and Kat’s latest review;

side_A_Can_HH_Vintage_NEW_smallHope every ones doing OK today. Today’s review, for your pleasure, will be of Mac Baren’s HH Vintage Syrian.

Peterson p-lip bent smooth
Tin size: 3.5 oz.
Tin note: Smokey, campfire aroma, Rich, some natural sweetness and roasted nut notes.

Type: Oriental Blend

Tobacco: Virginia, Burley, Oriental, Latakia

Cut:  Loose ribbon cut

Strength: Medium-full to full-bodied
Taste:  Richness from the Virginia as well as slight natural sweet notes, nice Smokey campfire aromas from the Syrian Latakia, Peppery goodness from the Oriental leaf, with a nice roasted nut taste from the Burley. It is a well-balanced blend with a lot of great complexity and richness without being too strong and over powering.
Room note: Nice billowing clouds of fragrance that reminds me of a summer campfire. Great roasted nut notes with a nice hint of incense of sandalwood or cedar. Very pleasing aromas for sure.
Notes: Out of the tin is ready to pack into your bowl, nice loose cut ribbons. I used the 3-tier method. Has a good amount of Syrian Latakia, which produced a good amount of white smoke. The aromas that came from the smoke were very enticing and continued on to the end of the bowl. The taste was also great; it reminded me of roasted nuts and woody spicy notes with a hint of pepper. I noticed a natural sweetness coming through, which helped balance the whole blend nicely. This blend is very well-balanced with a lot of complexity and richness without losing taste at all throughout the whole smoke. It only took a few relights, and burned coolly through it all. I highly recommend HH Vintage Syria to anyone that likes full-bodied latakia blends or who is interested in trying one for the first time. I will make sure to keep this in my rotation. If you’ve never tried it, give it a try you won’t be disappointed.


I rate this blend:  4.0 out of 5


GoodWife’s Review:

I really liked this blend. It, like the 3 Nuns, evoked a mental image for me, this time of the distinguished woodsman. It had a more raw, outdoorsy, woodsy smell than 3 Nuns when I was sitting in the room with it. I personally have never been at a turn-of-the-century, rich man’s, woodsy retreat but that is what this tobacco reminds me of… Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Ford. If they spent a weekend vacation at their sumptuous country estate and were sitting around together, this is what I imagine they would smoke. So give me a whiskey on the rocks and send me off for a weekend with this blend, please!

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