Lost in the Shuffle (Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake)

pt-sgh0050Some time ago I was speaking with one of the many hundreds of interesting people on my friends list and they recommended that I try Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake for a review in the magazine.

So, I said to him (or was it her?), “sure, I’ll put that on my next order!”

And all the Gods of Veracity screamed out from on high, “LIAR!!!”

And so, as the gods knew, a liar I turned out to be.

Well, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I fully intended on picking that up on my next order, I just…(shrug)  Didn’t.

As a matter of fact, the tobacco got put on my Pipes and Cigars wish list, and got completely forgotten.  So, some six months later, I’m cleaning up my wish list when I come across an entry for Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake and remember the recommendation half a year earlier (though, for the life of me, I can’t remember who recommended it.)

And, I figure, better late than never, so I order some along with a few other tins and various sundries.

Then, I wracked my brain, and dig through ancient conversations on Facebook trying to find the person who recommended it, so if I like it I can give them credit, and if I don’t I can freely of ridicule them for the audacity to recommend it.

Well, I couldn’t find it, so they were safe.  I mean, after all, this is a chocolate aromatic, it’s bound to suck, and I can be pretty satirical at times.

So, not only did this tobacco wait six months for me to order it, when the order came in at my American address, I had to wait six or eight weeks to get it to me.  So seven or eight months after this mysterious person (you know who you are) recommended a tobacco, I finally get my hands on the tin.

Well with a choice between Rattray’s Terry Red, SG’s Black Forest and a SG’s Chocolate Flake I was hard pressed to choose, but I settled on the chocolate flake (best to get this over with).

So opening the tin, I take a smell of the tin note and am met with the grassy, nutty aroma of the tobacco strongly accented, though not overpoweringly so, by the scent of cocoa!

OK, maybe this is not going to be as bad as I thought?!

And opening the paper wrapper, I am exposed to THICK slabs of flake tobacco!

The tobacco is so oily that it has stuck to the paper wrapper and left a greasy smear on it.

Maybe this IS going to be as bad as I thought!

I peel one of the oily, wet lump-like flakes of tobacco away from the others and leave it to dry, coming back to it about half an hour later.  By then the edges of the tobacco had dried out, but the inside was still a greasy mass and I realized that I would have to rub out the flake if I was ever going to smoke it.

So, I proceed to rub it out, and leave it sit for another 15 minutes to dry some more before packing it into my pipe.

Well, the overly wet tobacco could’ve used some more drying, and it took several attempts to get it lit.  However, once I had done so, the tobacco turned out to be an excellent smoke.

The Virginia, Burley, and Latakia tobaccos are given weight and depth by the addition of the chocolate/cocoa topping, and the tobacco smokes long and cool.

Unlike absolutely every other chocolate topping that I have tried, thus far, this one is strong enough to be worth it without being sickly sweet, or overly bitter.

As a matter of fact, this chocolate aromatic was sweet, and not at all bitter, with enough of the natural tobacco flavour coming through that it wasn’t like smoking a candy bar.

No, to the contrary, this tobacco is not a “girly” blend, but lives up to the Samuel Gawith name, and it feels to me to be a very masculine chocolate aromatic.

So, I’d like to say that I immediately sat down and wrote this review…

“LIAR” chorus the Gods of Veracity, once again.

I’m beginning to think that’s the only thing they know how to say.

So, as not to offend the gods, I honestly did not begin writing this review until I had only two flakes left in the can.  And, over the past week or two, those two flakes have managed to dry up considerably.  As a matter of truth, I was even able to smoke a few of these flakes folded and stuffed, and found that to be an excellent experience as well.

But, for the matter of this review, I rubbed out one of the last two flakes, and loaded a pipe.

Overall, Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake is one I would reach for again!  I was totally wrong, SG Chocolate Flake is a great smoke, not something to be abhorred, or looked upon with suspicion.  It has its drawbacks, it’s too moist for one thing, but I seriously recommend you give it a chance.

To whomever it was that gave me the idea to review this tobacco, I say “thank you”.  Not usually one for aromatics of any kind, and having not discovered a chocolate aromatic that I liked up to this point, I found this one to be amazing.  If you remember me give me the idea, speak up in the comments!

You can pick this blend up at pipesandcigars.com in the 1.76 ounce size for $11.00 USD, or slightly less for bulk if you can get it.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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  1. Sounds interesting! Decided to order a couple of oz. to give it a try – I’ve been looking for a really good chocolate aro. Thanks!!

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