Lacking in Body (Sutliff Private Stock R-blend Smoking Mixture)

pb-sfoLast year I struck up a deal with Sutliff wherein they would send me tins of tobacco to review, and I would provide them with fair and impartial reviews.  They would provide me with content; I would provide them with exposure.

Then I ran into a little snag.  It seemed that with my own desires for new blends, my need to provide my wife with cigars to review, and the general management of the magazine itself, I was unable to provide them, personally, with six reviews a month.

Understand that my reviewers were volunteers.  They provided their own materials, and their own time to float this magazine.  So, I offered to give them tins of tobacco with which to provide reviews.

Well, let’s just say that, for whatever reason, I still have about 25 tins of Sutliff Private Stock, and I am still looking for people to review them.  Fortunately, it seems that now that my reviewers are no longer volunteers, there is a greater interest in reviewing (isn’t it funny how you’re much more amiable to doing things you’re being paid for!)

Anyway, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want free tobacco?  I can only imagine that they thought there was some sort of catch?

No catch, Sutliff shot square with us all year.  So, anyway, I still plan on giving Sutliff their exposure.  I mean, after all, they did send me all this tobacco.  And, in any event, I’ve had a relatively good experience with Sutliff tobaccos.

OK, so that brings us to R-blend Smoking Mixture;

The tin simply states “mild and mellow”, and leaves me to look it up online for more information. pronounces;

This unique blend astounds with its dominant yet still subtle fruity notes. The base is an equally complex mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique, and Flake.

Well, I didn’t think that “Flake” was a legitimate type of tobacco, but…

Sutliff also says that this blend is perfect for fans of House of Windsor’s Revelation.

OK, so I’ve never smoked Revelation, or Sutliff’s match for it, now that it’s no longer production, but, to be honest, I was a little disappointed by R-blend.

The tin note is one of fruity sweetness with an almost sugar-like overtone.  Not so powerful is to overpower the natural tobacco smell, which smacks of Perique with a hint of Latakia.  You see, that’s why I was disappointed, when I opened the can, and loaded my pipe, I expected some oomph, some spice from the Perique, some smoky sourness from the Latakia, some grassiness from the Virginia, and maybe even some nuttiness from the Burley, but what I got was subdued and incredibly mild.

Actually, I’m not sure that subdued is the right word for it?  Perhaps “beaten into submission” would be better.

You see, R-blend Smoking Mixture is so “mild and mellow” as to be ethereal, I found it had absolutely no body!

However, for a non-aromatic, my wife says that the room note is, actually, quite pleasant.

So, while R-blend Smoking Mixture is not one that I would buy, myself, it is also not one that I would refuse.  I didn’t really find it complex, but then again I have a palette made of leather, so often subtleties are lost on me.

If it is like Revelation, I can understand why Albert Einstein smoked it (Revelation, that is).  It lives up to its name, mild and mellow, Albert could’ve smoked it all day without issue.

It doesn’t bite, but then again it doesn’t bite.003-442-0004

And if you are a millennial, it doesn’t bite, either.

You can get it at or for roughly $6.20 USD for the 1.5 ounce (42.5 g) tin. also sells the 8 ounce (228 g) can for $15.75 USD.

And as always you go to they will help you find a retailer near you.

By the way, and just as an aside, Sutliff classifies this tobacco as non-aromatic, though most people online disagree.  So, the only thing I can do is recommend that you try it and join the debate.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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