Sweet & Dark, Like My Mocha (Acid Kuba Maduro Robusto)

2015-04-13 22.23.28Having enjoyed the Acid Kuba Blondie by Drew Estate very much, I couldn’t wait to try the other end of the spectrum, the Acid Kuba Maduro.  I thought that while I was watching this week’s episode of The Voice might be a perfect time to experience it.

Descriptions didn’t tell me much.  “A variety of flavours” is what most of the reviews and descriptions said.  I guessed I would have to find out for myself!

The stick was a rich chocolate shade with a slight sheen, wrapped in that distinctive electric blue Acid label.  The Sumatran wrapper was almost seamless but with graceful and almost delicate veins.  The double cap was solid and clipped easily.  The pack was firm and solid; a little on the hard side actually.  The pre-light draw indicated the aromatic sweetness and a touch of cocoa.

Again with my cedar spills the cigar lit easily and smoothly.  I was greeted with delectable chocolate flavours and the sweetness of the casing, along with a hint of coffee.  It was like smoking a mocha!  And I love mocha of course.

2015-04-13 23.08.02The first third lasted about twenty-five minutes.  I found the draw to be a little challenging, even with my guillotine cut, and it started burning kind of weird, with one side smoldering away and the other not so much.  Perhaps I had not lit it as easily as I thought.  Or maybe I was just distracted by the TV show.  I lit the rest of my cedar spill and corrected the light, and that worked out well.

The second third lasted about half an hour.  The flavour profile didn’t change much; I guess that’s the advantage (or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it) of an aromatic; consistency. Still, I found myself enjoying it thoroughly; maybe not quite as much as the Blondie, but good nonetheless.  I think that when I’m smoking an aromatic I prefer a lighter tobacco because there’s less conflict between the casing and the natural tobacco flavours. Darker tobaccos mingled with the aromatic elements seems to produce a slightly bitter aftertaste.

2015-04-13 22.23.43The final third, probably due to the corrected light which reduced the total smoking time, only lasted about twenty minutes.  I smoked the cigar down to the stub, which should tell you that I liked it very much, and I allowed it to go out just after the point that would have been the top of the label had I not removed it.

So, predominant flavours of mocha with a rich cocoa undertone maybe.  And a strongly sweetened one at that.  All in all, a good smoke!  But I can’t give it a perfect mark because of the weird burn.  Also I wasn’t quite as fond of it as the Blondie.  I would certainly smoke the Acid Maduro again if you offered me one, and it would be a selling point as part of a sampler, but I wouldn’t buy a box myself I don’t think.

My final mark:

3 and a half stars

You can get the Acid Maduro at Thompson Cigar for $74.01 USD for a box of ten or $165.63 USD for a box of 24; $36.99 USD for a five pack or $144.95 for a box of 24 at Famous Smoke; and $35.00 USD for a five pack or $160.99 USD for a box of 24 at Cigars International.

That’s a lady’s perspective!

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