Weird Dissonance (Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto)

Since I’d had such good experiences with the Acid line thus far, having acquainted myself with the far ends (both Blondie and Maduro) I was genuinely excited about sampling the Kuba Kuba robusto.  It’s described as a “mild-medium bodied” tobacco.

Says Thompson Cigars:

Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto Sumatra Infused cigars have often been referred to as “an aromatic powerhouse”. This description is accurate because Acid Kuba cigars are medium body smokes with wonderful infused flavors that fill the palette with delicious aromas. These cigars taste so good; some people are almost tempted to eat them. Indeed, the aromas generated by these excellent flavored cigars make them an easy replacement for any dessert. However, as wonderful as those infused flavors are, they only heighten the natural flavors of this cigar’s quality, cured Nicaraguan filler and binder. The lip-smacking Sumatra wrapper adds a further dimension of flavor to these Acid cigars and helps turn them into one of the most delicious infused Robustos on the market.

2015-04-23 09.58.52I didn’t hesitate, especially since Acid had already convinced me not to denigrate aromatics or infused cigars just on that basis.  Once again decorated in that spiffy Acid electric blue label, the Sumatran wrapper was dark enough that I would call it a Colorado Maduro.  It was, again, almost seamless and shiny, with few veins.

The stick smelled a little sweeter than the Maduro; not as sweet as the Blondie.  The pack wasn’t particularly hard or soft.  It punched easily enough with my bullet punch; and it smelled divine but it started peeling at the punch immediately.

I lit the stick with a cedar spill and took a couple of draws.  Well, okay; not bad I guess.  Not at all what I was expecting.  I kept at it for a few minutes and I found that the natural bitter of the tobacco created a weird dissonance with the sweetness of the infusion.  It was kind of like drinking an espresso after eating a pack of those rocket candies.  Not my idea of a good time.

2015-04-23 09.58.43I persisted anyway because I wanted to give the Kuba Kuba a fair review.  So it burned at a weird angle and then went out halfway through, which was about forty minutes in.  I clipped it again and then re-lit once I got home from my road trip; it went out within five or ten minutes.  And it still tasted like espresso and rocket candies, with a charcoal undertone this time.

Once again into the breech with a clip and a re-light.  Again, dead in five minutes and the mouthpiece was peeling.  I gave up in disgust.

How disappointing!  I have to give this up for a bad job.  I can only offer a rating of:

2 stars

So in this lady’s perspective, my initial impression is that you should stick with the extremes of the spectrum in the Acid line, and leave the middle ground alone.

You can get it at Thompson Cigar for $74.01 USD for ten or $165.63 USD for a box of 24; and Cigars International for the same amount for the 24 box or $36.00 USD for a five pack.

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