The Piper and His Goodwife – Tabac Noir

Jose and Kat bring you Sutliff Private Stock – Tabac Noir, check it out;

Tabac Noir (Sutliff Private Stock)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYet another gloomy, cold, evening in the making, which is why I guess we have to think of happy thoughts ‘till we get better weather back. So, it makes a perfect time to enjoy a good pipe tonight. With that in mind, for your enjoyment, tonight we will be experiencing Tabac Noir (Sutliff Private Stock).

Pipe: Torino briar slight bent

Tobacco: Black Cavendish

Cut: Course cut

Pack method: Stuff and tap

Tin note: Tabac Noir has a subtle but rich wine aroma with dark chocolate and raisin in the background.

Room note: This blend is mildly sweet with slight bitter chocolate nuances.

Taste: The flavor is not very pronounced, but there is a slight sweetness from the wine and coco overtones.

Strength: Mild to medium

Notes: The tin notes are exotic with wonderful aromas of a wine barrel with hints of rich, dark bitter chocolate. The dark Cavendish is very pleasing to the senses so far; now let’s see how it does for the palate. Tabac Noir packed very well and was not overly moist but you can use about 20-30 minutes of dry time for optimum results. Depending on how long you dry or how moist your tobacco is once packed will affect your amount of relights. I had to relight 2 -3 times. The taste is good and seemed balanced during the first 2/3 of the bowl. However, the last 1/3 of the bowl got bland and one noted. By this time it lost some of its richness and the flavor overtones of wine and chocolate. This tobacco did have some gurgling but there was no bitterness or tongue-bite and remained a cool smoke throughout it all. It has a very nice room note to everyone; it just needs to be smoked slowly. I find this blend needs more depth and complexity to make it truly superior but it’s also a great one to try out and see for your self.
Rate: 3 out of 5


Good-wife’s Review:

Tabac noir is a really complex and neat blend to be around. It makes me think, and I always like tobaccos that do that. In the can I get a faint hint of wine grape, not quite dry enough to be raisin and not sweet enough to be grape jelly. Rather like I would imagine a Cabernet or burgundy grape fresh off the vine. Now seeing as how I’ve never been to a vineyard, I am imaging this. Once lit it has a rich and complex odor, slightly leathery with hints of top shelf whisky or bourbon and softly sweet fragrances. You can’t ever quite get enough of a sniff of any one thing to fully pick out a formal scent, as it is not an overly intense aroma. Since it’s not an overwhelming or overly harsh aroma I feel like its pretty safe to smoke around people who have smoked or been around a pipe smoker before without chasing them away. I think Tabac Noir is complex enough to be interesting but not quite complex enough to make me jump up and down and go “ooh baby” over. It’s a “nice” blend that is intriguing and enjoyable. Need I say more?


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