Once More with Feeling: Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto

2015-04-25 10.37.49I just opened my new shipment of cigars, and I was pleased to see another Acid sampler in the bunch!  Rummaging through the content, I found yet another Acid Kuba Kuba.

Having not had a very good experience with the last one I contemplated giving it away, but then I thought, “Well, what the hell?  Why not give it another shot?”

Again, this cigar was a chocolate brown of particularly rich shade, with a smooth and shiny Sumatran wrapper, and it did smell a little bit of rocket candies.  The pack was a little bit more firm than the last one, so I decided this time to clip with my double guillotine cutter.  It clipped easily and cleanly, with none of the tearing or damage of the previous cigar.

2015-04-25 10.38.03The light was easy and pleasant with my cedar spills.  With trepidation I breathed in the first draw.  And you know, it was really good!  Whatever the bitterness was in the previous Kuba Kuba, it wasn’t present in this one.  I imagine this must be more like what Drew Estate intended; a delicious sweet residue on the lips blending with medium-bodied tobacco.  I can’t break it into thirds because it was fairly consistent all the way through, as is often the case with infused or aromatic cigars, but there was an after-effect like a tasty dessert as well as the quality tobacco flavours, and bitterness didn’t begin to figure into it until near the end.

2015-04-25 11.03.14I would like to point out that in this case I had no issues with construction either; nor did the cigar go out until I decided I was done with it at the stub; an hour and twenty minutes later.  This was far more like the refreshing “change of pace” cigar that cigar reviewers have been describing.  And it burned with a straight and clean burn all the way through.

So, what was the difference?  Was it that I took this Kuba Kuba right from the tin and smoked it almost immediately, rather than allowing it to age in my humidor?  Was it that I clipped it rather than punched it?  Or was it simply that I got a bad batch the first round and a good one on the second?

2015-04-25 10.52.54I’m not sure.  But considering the issue around the dinner table it gave us a whole new idea.  Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering cigars I’ve already considered and giving them another go.  If I liked it, would I like it as much the second time?  If I didn’t, would a fresh perspective give me a better opinion?  How much does time of day, mood, season and humidity figure into the experience of smoking a cigar?  I smoked this one much earlier in the day than the last one, for example.

So, I’m starting a whole new column.  It’s going to be called “Once More With Feeling,” and it will be a second stab at cigars I’ve previously reviewed, allowing a fresh perspective.

In my second opinion, I still don’t think the Kuba Kuba is going to be part of my regular rotation, but it’s much better than it was the first time around, and I’ll smoke it if somebody offers me one cheerfully or as part of a sampler.  So this time I will allow it:

3 and a half starsYou can still get the Kuba Kuba at Thompson Cigar for $74.01 USD for ten or $165.63 USD for a box of 24; and Cigars International for the same amount for the 24 box or $36.00 USD for a five pack.

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