The Piper and His Goodwife – Esoterica Tobacciana: Stonehaven

Here’s the latest from Jose “the Lucky B@$TARD” Ruiz, and Kat, his darling wife;

Esoterica Tobacciana: StoneHaven

003-024-0021It is a beautiful weekend, nice and sunny and warm and feeling grateful for good friends as I was gifted some of the infamous hard-to-get-everyone-willing-to-sell-their-kidney-for-to-try, pipe tobacco. So what may you ask, is this intriguing mystery blend that’s been eluding us??? Well I guess I’ll tell you all before you start to pull your hair out and biting your nails waiting. Today’s review is on… wait for it… wait for it…Esoterica Tobacciana StoneHaven. Yes it’s true the one and only StoneHaven believed to be one of the most sought after blend to date. As far as I’m concerned it is exactly that.

Pipe: Eric Berks freehand briar slight bent

Tobacco: Virginia, Burley

Cut: Flake

Pack method: cubed cut

Tin aroma: Out of the package it has wonderful aromas of older leather that’s not over powering like new leather can be.  It has nuances of raisins that give off a hint of natural sweetness and complexity.

Taste: This tobacco has a rich, creamy complexity of a hint of raisin, and more of cocoa nibs with some natural sweetness from the Virginia and a balanced nuttiness from the Burley that helps mellow and brings a smoothness that makes this blend the best it can be.

Room note: The room aroma on this blend is complex and unique with a nice blend of Virginias and Burleys. It is mellow and smooth with a rich smoke.

Strength: Medium

Notes: Aside from all of the obvious hype, my first impression I got while looking at the dark well pressed flake had me excited to try it. It was bold with its rich old leather, sweet raisin, cocoa nib aroma that had me ready to pack it and light it right away. I had to restrain myself as I cubed cut it and let it dry a bit. So I let it dry for 45 minutes as this blend deserves respect to make sure it’s enjoyed properly. It is one of the most sought after blends out there and therefore, by extension, is rare. After what seemed like an eternity of time of waiting I want to try it NOW!!! lol. Finally, I cut the cubes into 3 sizes, the biggest on the bottom with the smallest on top. Finally it is time to use my lighter and I did notice it does take some time to light it to full amber but is worth the effort. If you have been waiting all this time to experience this, what’s a little more time all things considering? While going through the ritual of lighting my pipe I am starting to realize what everyone is talking about. I however, feel I need to restrain my excitement until I had a few bowls first. Ok these are my notes of StoneHaven; I must say for me, it DID live up to all the hype and hollering on top of a mountain!! From the beautifully rich dark robust well pressed flake, it produced a full, rich, complex, smooth, and naturally occurring nuances of raisin and chocolate that is no way like any candy; just the essence of those ingredients. When I continued smoking this blend there builds some delightful creaminess that for me, heightens all the other flavors I experienced. The blender sure knows their stuff as in every bowl the taste, strength, and burn all kept their balance perfectly. Never noticed any tongue burn or bitterness and remained a cool smoke each time. Room note is very rich but never over powering and always pleasing to ones around me. I can see why StoneHaven is flying off the shelves as fast as they can restock it and is hard to come by, so you should really put your order in now or trade with friends to at least give it a try, and see for your self.  I think you will be pleased as much as I am. I highly recommend StoneHaven

Rating: 5 out of 5Smoking-Pipe-icon


Good Wife’s Review

My husband was giggling with glee when he got this tobacco in the mail. He had the excitement of a child on Christmas day and I must admit that it made me smile with pure pleasure. Because of that I also had high hopes for this tobacco. He sits across the room from me and the smoke of this tobacco wafts about the room quickly but with a confident ease, much like he does. It is a confident blend, swarthy and masculine without being brutish or bullying. This blend is the true man’s blend; it doesn’t slap on the cologne or have an effeminate bend at all. This tobacco is Ernest Hemingway in “The Sun Also Rises”, Joseph Conrad’s “Lord Jim” or even Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”. There is something almost seductive in its strength and vigor. StoneHaven makes me think of sitting at a café in Havana and listening to great men debate great works of literature. It transports me to new and exotic locations with vibrancy and a strength that sweeps me up and dares me to have the audacity to turn away. I know I don’t have the strength or lack of character for that. So instead I will just lean back and truly enjoy the voyage it is begging me to go on.

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