O is for “Outstanding” (Oliva Serie ‘O’ Maduro Robusto)

2015-04-18 12.45.45Well, after letting it rehumidify for a couple of weeks, I decided it was time to finish the Oliva Five Card Stud Sampler from Pipes & Cigars.  With some trepidation I contemplated the Oliva Serie ‘O’ Maduro.

Now, I like a good maduro cigar very much, but I thought some of the Olivas were amazing and others were . . . not so much.  So I scrutinized this stick suspiciously.  The wrapper was a pleasant black coffee shade, almost seamless and with a matte finish, and a solid double cap.  The Oliva presentation is always classy with a simple gold, white and maroon label.  Cigars International informs me that the colouration is due to sun-grown tobaccos naturally fermented, and that this is a full-bodied Nicaraguan puro.

2015-04-18 12.46.17Having brought my Oliva on yet another trip into Kelowna I clipped the double-cap with my single-guillotine cutter.  It clipped easily and with few rough edges.  I tried a pre-light draw and found this stick to have a lingering mouth like chocolate-covered coffee beans.  Mmm!

The cigar lit easily with my cedar spills, and turned out to be even more delicious on first draw than anticipated. Chocolate-covered coffee beans and buttery oil with a peppery aftertaste.  Now this is what I was hoping for out of an Oliva!

2015-04-18 13.19.15I needn’t have worried.  The Serie O stayed consistent and perfect throughout its entire hour and a half of smoking time, and changed not much, except that there was a little more pepper near to the end.  The draw was easy and full, with voluminous smoke and a rich maduro taste and lovely smooth finish.  There was not even a hint of bitterness in the middle portion as I’ve come to expect.  It didn’t go out once and although it was full-bodied, I was able to smoke it at a relaxed and steady pace because of its fine construction, which did not necessitate puffing at the thing, and thus I was not at all dizzy or lightheaded.  I finally put it out with a smile as it came close to burning my fingers.

Best cigar I’ve had in a long time, and no issues whatsoever.  Hardly surprising that the churchill size made #11 in Cigar Aficionado’s Best Cigars of2013!  I can only conclude that it must deserve:

5 Stars

You can get the Oliva Serie O robusto at Cigars International for $34 USD for a five pack and $126.99 USD for a box of twenty; or at Thompson Cigar for $127.90 USD for a box of twenty.  If you’re in the Edmonton area I imagine you’ll also find them at Nottingham Cigars and Pipes.

And that is a lady’s perspective!


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