A Good Bet with a Hint of Danger (Baccarat ‘The Game’ Double Corona)

2015-04-28 09.21.27Well, I’m getting close to finishing my Infusion of Flavour cigar sampler from Pipes & Cigars, and so I continued exploring it by selecting a long and narrow double corona; the Baccarat “the Game.”  I understand from Neptune Cigar that the cigar has a “Mexican Dulce Binder and the filler is Honduran Habano grown in the Jamastran Valley.”

Initial inspection revealed golden rich tobacco with a sharp label, few seams and a well-constructed triple cap.  It seemed a perfect choice for watching Game of Thrones; certainly another high-stakes game!

Baccharat is 007’s game of choice, and the label had images of cards on it, so the brand name is likely meant to suggest danger, mystery and intrigue.  I was intrigued but there was little apparent mystery; the Game was clearly an infused golden Connecticut with all of its virtues visible to the eye; though certainly that triple cap indicated a professional player.  But the wrapper note was simply sweet; honey and clover again, not uncommon for an infused cigar.

I clipped the stick with my guillotine cutter; it clipped easily enough.  Once again with my cedar spills close to hand, since I happened to be at home, I lit the cigar.  I was greeted with delicious golden tobacco with a slight sweet infusion.  Very pleasant; exactly right for a morning smoke.  We settled into to watch Game of Thrones and I relaxed and enjoyed the slightly-honey-tinged cigar.  I found it to be pleasant but not exceptional or unusual.

I was startled from my absorption in the show when I dropped ashes and its cherry on my legs and toe!  That was a hot surprise!  The burn was clean but it seems that the pack was lighter than I’d anticipated.  This was about fifteen minutes into the smoke (and the episode).

I re-lit the cigar and continued to smoke it.  I suppose largely because the infusion was fairly strong I didn’t notice much differentiation between the thirds.  But ten minutes later it spilled some more ashes on me!  This time it had to be swept off the chair I was sitting on, which burned me a little, and then smothered.

Hmm; just like Baccharat, I suppose; fun and a little bit dangerous!

The cigar reached its end just about the same time as the Game of Thrones episode, so I would estimate it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to smoke.  I found also that it indeed fit the bill of a “mild-medium” bodied cigar.  No lightheadedness at all.

Pleasant, but not worth the danger and not long enough!  I would smoke it again if someone put one in front of me, but would not seek it out.  It is perhaps best served as it tends to be advertised; a good starter cigar for new cigars smokers.  Don’t get me wrong; in this lady’s perspective it’s a good bet that you’ll enjoy it, but it has little to make it truly unique.  And don’t smoke it while you’re driving or watching TV!  All in all:

2 and a half stars

You can get in the Game at $81.00 USD for a box of 25 churchills at Thompson Cigar, and $82.95 USD for a box of 25 double coronas or $5.15 USD for a single at Neptune Cigar.

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