Smooth as a___, Strong as my___ (Dunhill My Mixture BB1938)

BB_images__38287.1429268837.1280.1280When I first heard the Dunhill was re-releasing its famous Baby’s Bottom tobacco under the My Mixture series with the factory name BB1938, I was ecstatic.  I used to enjoy Baby’s Bottom back in the mid-eighties, when you could only get it in England (well at least that was the only place I could find it).  Then, I discovered that they were only going to release it for the European market, and I cursed my lack of contacts in Europe.

When I remembered Glynn Quelch, and, my heart lifted and I got in contact with him immediately.

Apparently I am really slow, as by the time I heard of it, it was only a week or two before release, just in time for preorders.  So, of course, I ordered four tins; two for myself, and two for Steven.

Glynn, being the awesome guy he is, posted them directly to Steven so I wouldn’t have to break Canadian law by sending tobacco across provincial borders.

Now, I’m not one of these guys is going to try to claim that I can remember the nuances of every tobacco I’ve ever smoked, but I do recall Baby’s Bottom to be a very, very smooth blend, one that I enjoyed very much.

So, on release day, Glynn packaged up all the preorders and had them shipped out for the next day, so we received ours a little more than a week after release.

My package arrived while I was gone, so I didn’t get a chance to open it until the weekend, but was greeted with two of the most plain, unadorned, cans of tobacco with half the front label dedicated to the warning about tobacco dangers (thanks parliament, what would we do without you?)

Personally, I was hoping for something more akin to the early 21st century Baby’s Bottom release, which I never smoked, but the tin was adorable as hell.

To make matters worse, I turned the cans over to find yet another warning label on the back, and I thought Canadian legislation was bad.

Moving on;

I opened the tin to be greeted with a warm, earthy, slightly sour smell from the Latakia, and exposing the tobacco I find the deep brown and black ribbon presentation to be very inviting.

While loading my pipe, I look up what Glynn has to say about the tobacco on his website, and discover that is already sold out;

Baby’s Bottom has been one of the most requested tobaccos from the old Dunhill selection. When the brand was being revived a few years ago, this blend was dropped due to its name. To get around this the blend has been renamed to “My Mixture BB1938”, a name more commonly used within the old London factory.

We gather Baby’s Bottom got its name thanks to the tobaccos smooth smoking qualities. A rich and robust blend of Virginias and a helping of Latakia. The base is comprised of a well-rounded blend of Red, Lemon and Orange Virginia, with a premium Cypriot Latakia. Thanks to the solid base, this tobacco is punchy and packed full of ripe and spicy flavours.

The name might give the impression of a mellow tobacco, BB1938 is actually a powerful smoke and more suited for more experienced smokers. While its strong, the Latakia and careful selection of Virginia’s result in a smooth and cool smoke.

Well, I don’t remember if this tastes like the old tobacco, but I am quickly coming to love it.  To be honest, I haven’t had much luck with Dunhill’s tobaccos, but this one is definitely a hit out of the park.

The tobacco smokes so smooth that it is indescribable, but packs a punch, like that selfsame baby swinging its legs into your solar plexus.  The taste is robust and complex delivering smoothness, spiciness, sourness, and sweetness all in the same draw.

I would like to say that I wrote this review immediately after smoking my first bowl of this tobacco, but I would be a liar.  I opened the tobacco on Sunday, and then have smoking it constantly until today, Wednesday, when I ran out of the first tin.

Overall, a delicious English that seriously packs a punch.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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