The Piper and His GoodWife – Sutliff Private Stock: Taste of Summer

By Jose and Kat Ruiz

Howdy everyone! I hope your day is better than here. It was a great weekend, nice and sunny and warm. Then guess what? The start of this week has been gloomy, cold and windy, with snow flying but not staying in the air. So, what is a better way to at least get a piece of summer that’s coming and not soon enough? So for today’s review and your enjoyment it will be on Sutliff’s Taste of Summer from their Private Stock Collection.

Pipe: Dr. Grabow Omega bend briar

Cut: Ribbon
Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia

Pack method: 3-tier

Taste: Taste of summer is a welcomed change from traditional vanilla and cherry blends. This one for me actually has a taste that matches the tin note aroma. I have found that to be rare, most aromatics for me don’t match in that way. You thankfully can still also taste the Burley and Cavendish in the background, with a slight natural Virginia sweetness.
Strength: Mild to mild medium

Room notes: The room note is a nice peachy aroma that’s not overly sweet or strong. It is well-balanced and pleasing to others in the room.

Notes: The tin aroma is very pleasing to others, and it packs very well out of the tin. Taste of Summer is not overly moist at all. I used the 3-tier method and it lights well. The blend smells like peaches and cream but not in a powerful way. It was nicely balanced with no tongue bite noticed. The tobacco maintained as a cool smoke as long as you smoked it slowly. It produced a lovely mild to mild-medium smoke through the whole smoke. I found it to be an extremely nice change from all the vanilla and cherry blends out there. I also consider it a great starter for non-aromatic smokers that would like to try a good aromatic or a good all day smoke. I recommend it for sure! So give it a try to see how you like it.
Rate: 3.5 out of 5


Good Wife’s Review: Today my husband lit up Taste of Summer. When I popped the seal on the tin for him I was greeted with a smell that reminded me of a powdered peach tea scent. I am familiar with it because I often buy it for myself in the summer for something cold to drink. As my husband smoked it I realized that to call this blend mild in aroma is an understatement. It has a soft and sweet odor and is more prevalent if you leave the room for some reason and then return. But that said, it is a nice odor, not overpowering or annoying, rather it is softly pleasing. Not that it smells like this but it reminds me of peony flowers in the garden. The scent is definitely there when the peony is in bloom but not smack you in the face with odor like lilacs. So, to continue with the theme of summer, it definitely needs to go into your garden of choices. I think the bloom is mild enough for anyone but still delightful enough to be unique.

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  1. Nice review as always. I’m not a peach nor aromatic fan and normally wouldn’t consider this at all. But after reading this write up I just might give it a go! Have a blessed weekend!

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