Less Than Zero (Drew Estate Natural Torpedo)

2015-05-18 21.32.14On my way home from the Canadian National Pagan Conference.  It’s always good to have a cigar when I’m driving, especially when I’ve got the last shift in a twelve or thirteen hour drive and I’ve slept for four hours a night or so for four or five days.  I’d been enjoying the Acid infused line so I decided to expand and I tried the Drew Estate Dirt Natural Torpedo.

I was pleased by the finely-crafted torpedo tip which clipped easily and neatly.  The wrapper was a rich Connecticut.  The label was sunny and attractive.

Jamie lit the cigar for me since I was driving.  And he made a face.  “This tastes like an Old Port!” he snorted.

He handed it to me.  And I took a draw.  It was disgusting!  It tasted like someone had mingled those candy cigarettes they used to sell with decent tobacco.

Well, perhaps that was just the first draw; maybe it was a little dry, since it had been in my leather case.  I tried again to see if it would improve.  It didn’t.

Once, Erin, a friend and I drank almost an entire bottle of blue cacao.  We called it “the Potion of Disbelief.”  It was so bad that we had to keep taking a sip to see if it really was that bad.  Puffing on this thing was kind of like that.

After five puffs, when the oils had thoroughly saturated my mouth enough that I could not doubt what it tasted like, I simply couldn’t take it anymore and I snuffed it and threw it out the window.

Total fail. If you can’t even finish a cigar because it’s so lousy . . .

I got it at Pipes & Cigars as part of a sampler set of six.  You can also get it at Thompson Cigar for $62.12 USD for a ten pack and $137.08 USD for a 24 pack; and Cigars International for $64.99 for the ten pack and $36.00 for a pack of five; but why would you?

My rating: Can I give it a negative star?  Less than zero.  Don’t waste your money.  That’s this lady’s perspective!

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