The Piper and His Goodwife – Mac Baren’s Plum Cake – Navy Blend

side_A_Can_Plumcake_smallFor today’s review I’m reviewing Mac Baren’s Plum Cake – Navy Blend. May you all have a great day. Keep on puffin.
Blend: Virginia, Burley, Cavendish, Latakia
Cut: Loose cut, small pieces of pressed tobacco
Tin size: 3.5 oz.
Tin Notes:  Rum topping, plum, Sweet, pungent.
Taste: Mild to medium, cool smoke, slight natural sweetness.
Strength: Medium to medium mild.
Pipe Used: Savinelli 614 full bent
Room notes: Slight sweetness from the rich Virginia leaf, nice smoky nuttiness from the Burley. Hint of creamy notes.

Notes:  a bit of nutty nuances, natural sweetness. Not chemically. Ready to go from the get go, Packs well, best to pack your bowl lightly and smoke slowly to help prevent tongue burn. During the smoke I had few relights after the true burn. Smoked consistent throughout the whole bowl. Pipe didn’t get hot at all from puffing slow. Had enough taste to keep it interesting and still retained complexity to enjoy it during a long smoke. Over all a nice all day smoke. I recommend it for a good all day smoke and would keep it in my rotation.

The GoodWife’s Review:

I didn’t mind this one at first. It has a nice mellow smell from across the room. My only objection at all is that by the time my hubby was done the back of my throat felt slightly scratchy and itchy. It wasn’t bad but he has had it on two separate occasions and I had the same response both times. So while the smell is mellow and slightly pleasing, my throat didn’t agree. For that reason alone I am glad he doesn’t smoke it every day.

One thought on “The Piper and His Goodwife – Mac Baren’s Plum Cake – Navy Blend

  1. I agree this is best smoked slowly to get all the flavors. I, personally, prefer it in a meerschaum, seems to, again, bring out more of the subtle nuances of the blend.

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