Very Vanilla (4th Generation 1957 – Erik Michael’s Blend)

003-553-0004Opening this tobacco I was reminded of vanilla wafers that I grew up with. The appearance is a nice combination of dark and light tobacco, carrying the promise of an easy pack and smoke.

I found it to pack fairly easily, though it took a bit to get it to stay lit. This required a methodical, constant puffing to obtain.

The first draw was, at best, anticlimactic. I was disappointed in the lack of flavour profile, tasting just faintly of the vanilla it first promised.

From there I found the room note and taste to be rather generic while producing a rather annoying amount of tongue bite.

All in all, a seriously bland experience.

This tobacco is available from: logo

As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that suits you.



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