Struck Gold! (5 Vegas Gold Robusto)

2015-04-27 10.24.55Sitting down to enjoy a morning smoke, I usually want something with golden tobacco and a relatively mild flavour.  I thought that it was time to sample my 5 Vegas Robusto three-pack and I started with the Gold Robusto.

Relaxing in the morning, trying to get the old brain to fire up so that I could get some writing done.  So naturally it was time to smoke another cigar.I thought that it was time to sample my 5 Vegas sampler and I started with the Gold Robusto.

Cigars International had this to say:

Solid gold.  Despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding full-bodied, powerhouse cigars these days, milder cigars still rule. Without a doubt, the uber-popular 5 Vegas Gold is the perfect example. This gorgeous creature is crafted with extensively aged tobaccos, including a beautiful, almost shimmering Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf with a rich satiny texture. This charming blend is the big easy. I’ll recite the reasons chapter and verse. Top quality tobaccos? Check. 5 year aged long-fillers? Check. Seamless wrappers? Check. Made in one of Honduras’ top factories? Check. Handsome packaging? Check.

I prefer a lighter cigar in the morning; maduros are for evening smoking.  The reason I had selected the Gold was the smooth, unveiny light golden-wrapper, the colour of summertime hay.  I understand from 5 Vegas’ site that it’s an Ecuadoran Connecticut.  The label was especially bold and attractive.  The pack was firm but not rock-hard.  It smelled of new-mown hay and spices.  Delicious!

The site goes on to tell me that the 5 Vegas Gold is of Honduran origin, with Honduran binders and both Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers habano-seed fillers; all of which are fermented five years.  It’s rated as a mild to medium bodied cigar.

I sampled a luxurious buttery pre-light draw, and I found the stick’s firm texture to provide an easy punch, an easy draw, and a clean and straight burn. It tasted of butter, honey and fresh hay with a hint of pepper or gingerbread.  Exactly what I wanted in the morning; an outstanding cigar with a delicious light buttery flavour.  Imagine a really buttery spice cookie.  Very tasty!

Pipes and Cigars said:

Mild cigars with Connecticut Shade wrappers generally fall into two categories- Smooth, flavorful and pricey, or bland, inconsistent and cheap. Here’s the exception: 5 Vegas Gold. Made in Honduras, these mild to medium bodied beauties have a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade-grown wrapper and Honduran filler and binder tobaccos forming a well-constructed package that presents smooth flavors of nuts and cream with a faint note of white pepper on the finish. Usually, a cigar like this will cost you a ton, but 5 Vegas Gold will leave you enough cash to buy, well, more of them.

The smoke took about an hour and a half, with a steadily more mellow progression up to a delightfully smooth finish.  It was exactly as strong as advertised, which is precisely what I wanted in the morning.  It also had a continuous zesty undertone that was almost citrusy and it finished with a hint of white pepper.  And the robusto was exactly the right size for the perfect smoke.

Definitely a new favourite!  I’ve already asked for more to be shipped. And with no construction issues I will have to give it:

5 StarsYou can find this golden little treasure at Pipes & Cigars for $79.99 US for a box of twenty, $25 US for a five pack or $6 for a single; or Cigars International for $79 US for a box of twenty and $25 for a five-pack.

And that’s a lady’s perspective!

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