Pancakes and Coffee (Review of Sutliff Private Stock Old Vienna)

pb-sf5Opening this tobacco was a delight to my senses as a wave of maple syrup hit my nostrils.  It was like Sunday morning when I was growing up, the smell of breakfast, comfort.
Visually, the tobacco is not unappealing, much the colour of slightly burnt toffee.  It is a ready rubbed White Burley and Black Cavendish mixture.
This mixture packs well, and lights moderately well, staying lit fairly easily, so long as you don’t forget to puff, although it is easy to forget you are smoking a pipe.  At least for the first half of the bowl.
The first puffs bring about the flavour of maple and coffee, on my tastebuds anyway, and this flavour continues throughout the bowl.  At approximately the halfway mark I found it gurgling just a little, so I slowed down my puffs, allowing it to cool down and rest a little.  Unfortunately this did not have the effect I had hoped, and the rest of the smoke was quite moist.
The gurgle continued through to the last of the smoke, which actually snuck up on me at a little under half an hour from the first lighting.
A very black ash, and a large amount of dottle at the end of the pipe was disappointing, but not unexpected when considering the moistness of the tobacco, and the amount of moisture at the bottom of the pipe when I finished.
All in all, I would call this a great small bowl smoke, not more than 1/2 gram or so.  Anything more and you will undoubtedly experience the gurgle and bite that I did.
This tobacco is available through:
As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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