Midas Touch (5 Vegas Gold Torpedo)

2015-06-13 11.16.11I overslept on Saturday morning for a change, so it was definitely a call for a morning smoke to help jump-start my lagging brain.  I knew I should try to finish off my Drew Estate sampler but I really wanted a lighter Connecticut.  Finally I gave in to temptation and selected the 5 Vegas Gold torpedo.

I’ve already sampled the Gold robusto and found it excellent.  What would a longer version of that golden little treasure bring?

The torpedo variant was a delicately veined, almost seamless cigar.  It was a big boy too: six inches length and a fat 54 ring gauge.  The pack was firm but not hard.  It was topped with an impressive triple torpedo cap, but I couldn’t help but notice the single crack in it.  The golden Connecticut Ecuadoran wrapper promised exactly the kind of light but full-bodied smoke I was looking for, and the fabulous gold label appeared to my internal crow instincts.  However, I also noticed a slight tear on one corner of the foot, and I wondered how the construction of the smoke would hold up.  I’ve only had this stick in my humidor for a couple of months so perhaps it hadn’t had a chance to properly re-humidify after transport yet.

2015-06-13 11.16.34The wrapper note was of quality tobacco and surprisingly, something earthy and organic; like hay in a fresh barn.  There was also a faint alfalfa element, which I noticed right away because the local fields are cropping out their first crop already.  That’s about a half-month early but it’s been an odd year that way.

I decapitated the cigar with my single guillotine cutter.  It clipped a little rough but not in any way that would restrict the smoke.  The edge turned out a little ragged in one spot but I didn’t think it would peel.  The pre-light draw had a hint of sweet; maybe honey.

I lit the cigar at 11:24 am; it lit easily and fully with my cedar spill.  And I was right; the rough edge did not drag against my lip when I was spinning it to light it, and thus it stayed solid.

2015-06-13 11.16.20The first draw was delightfully golden and buttery and it carried a hint of fresh clover and hay, and possibly a lighter nut flavour, like a pine nut or an almond, with a creamy undertone.  Very tasty!  I drew a few good, solid contented puffs before settling into my morning computer routine.  However, within a few minutes it was burning with a greyish ash, so that tells me there’s some adulterant in the cigar and it’s not completely pure.  I really enjoyed that first third; this was exactly what I wanted in my morning cigar and it was outstanding.

Unlike many lighter-wrappered cigars, this one leaned towards the milder side in terms of nicotine content, so I ended up puffing steadily at it with little realization I that I was doing so.  As a result I began the second third almost exactly half an hour in.  I had to correct an uneven burn but that provided a great opportunity for a delicious buttery puff when burning hot.  This golden trade bar was more nutty than creamy at this point.  It lost the sweet element due to second third bitterness, but unlike many other cigars, this wasn’t at all unpleasant.

The burn started to flare out a little.  I purged it because I noticed it was going out, but it went out anyway at twenty after noon; almost an hour in.  I had to clip it with a double guillotine because single was too small and awkward to cut it off with because of the big ring gauge.

I relit the stick to enjoy the final third at twelve to one. It was just as tasty on the first puff after relight as the first puff had been; all that creamy butter and clover but with more spice; perhaps nutmeg and cinnamon?  The Midas Touch even guaranteed a pleasant finish.  It turned mushy and a little bitter as it went out at twenty after one, still with a flaring out burn at the foot, which made for a total smoke time of almost exactly an hour and a half.

Outstanding smoke!  Even better than the robusto size, since it enabled a longer and hotter burning smoke.  I can’t give it a perfect mark though, because it went out once and because its construction was not quite pristine.  Still, definitely among my favourites, so I rate this bar of gold a true treasure, and I give it:

Stars - 4 and a half

You can find this kingly stick at Pipes & Cigars for $69.99 US for a box of twenty, $20 US for a five pack or $5 for a single; or Cigars International for $69 US for a box of twenty and $20 for a five-pack, making it (amazingly) even less pricey than the robusto.

Well worth the money in this lady’s perspective!

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