Very Virginia (Lane Ltd 125th Anniversary)

Lane was founded in Dresden, Germany in 1890. 48 years later, Herman G. Lane brought his quality tobaccos to the U.S. and established his manufacturing plant in Manhattan, New York.  This historic building is depicted on our premium pipe tobacco tin.  To commemorate our 125th anniversary, we’re reviving one of the first successful blends Lane created for the U.S. market.  Equal amount of quality Virginia and Bright Virginia tobaccos are blended with Virginia Flake and a hint of Perique to give a subtle yet detectable spice to the sweetness of the Virginia.

003-634-0003OK, they’ve got my attention.  That’s the description from the back of the new Lane Limited 125th Anniversary Pipe Tobacco.

I have to admit, that I’m not coming into this review blind.  I ordered a tin of this tobacco for my friend Val, and though at first he was not impressed, he admitted that the tobacco grows on you.  As a connoisseur of fine Va/Pers, I take his opinion very seriously, so I knew not to expect much from the first pipe or two.

So I crack open the can to be greeted with that grassy Virginia smell and a tobacco that is a bright gold colour, ever so casually speckled with dark Perique; mouthwatering.

I load up a pipe, a vintage gourd calabash, that I also have to thank Val for, and prepared to be blown away (not really, I was prepared to be not bitterly disappointed; I already had warning from Val that this tobacco takes a few.) And, to be honest, I was slightly impressed!

The Perique in this blend is subtle, very subtle; the tobacco is almost overwhelmed with Virginias.  Those sweet, grassy Virginias hit you right off, like a cigarette, but then, almost as a surprise, you get a burst of spice from the understated Perique.

Again, I have to admit, I smoked a few bowls full of this, checking out the elusive nuances of the blend before coming to this review and I have to say, Val was right, the tobacco grows on you the more you smoke it.

Unfortunately for me, I have reached the bottom of the tin, and I will definitely be ordering more; I have two tins aging, but I definitely want to see how well this tobacco ages.

Well, this review is short, sweet, and to the point.  It’s a good tobacco, worthy as an anniversary blend, and if you like Va/Pers, I think you’ll like this one; even if you don’t like Va/Pers, you just might like this one.

This one is available through and for about the same price, give or take around $8.00 USD for the 1.75 ounce tin; and also in bulk for right around $3.00 per ounce, depending on quantity ordered.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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