The Piper and His Goodwife – Bell’s 3 Nuns

I was digging through the archives and I came up with this; Jose and Kat Ruiz’s first review.  I didn’t even know I had this, so enjoy a piece of the Piper and His GoodWife’s history!

20131102_164609Mac Baren (Bell’s) 3 Nuns

Well today is my first of many pipe tobacco reviews, hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did in reviewing for you. My first review is on Mac Barens/Bell’s Three Nuns
Blend: Virginia/Dark fired Kentucky blend
Cut: Small loose cut coins
Tin Note: Leathery/Smoke scent
Tin size: 1.75 oz.
Rating: 4
Strength: Medium/medium full
Flavoring: Leathery/woodsy campfire notes
Taste: Smooth, slight sweetness from the Virginia leaf, slight bite to it.
Room note: Pleasant/smooth/inoffensive
Notes: Out of the tin the tobacco seems a little moist. I dried it for 30 minutes and I think it made a much better smoke. I smoked it both as whole coins with the fold and stuff method as well as rubbed out,both ways were very pleasant to smoke with some varying results. Both ways ended up with a very smooth smoke. With whole coins I noticed a more of a hit of smokiness/leatheriness from the Kentucky leaf and you get the sweetness from the Virginia coming thru at different times. Very nice that way, also when I rubbed it out I noticed more of a constant complex robust taste from both leaves. Either way the pipe only needed a few lights thru out the smoke, and didn’t get too hot. I recommend this blend for an all day smoke; I don’t think you will be disappointed at all. It’ll be on my rotation of tobacco to have. Hope you all enjoy your day and as always keep on puffin!!!!

The GoodWife’s Review003-582-0001

As an added review from a non-pipe smoker.  I have my wife add her review as to the Room notes as I think most reviewers never actually add an opinion from a non-pipe smoker. I personally think this is important:

As the wife of a pipe smoker I find certain tobaccos are more pleasing than others. The smells for the non-pipe smoker are important too. 3 Nuns for me is a pleasing smell. When my husband lit this blend I sat up and said, “honey, that is old man tobacco in all the right ways!” It had a rich subtle odor that made me visualize of an old library or office, rich with the smell of books and leather and intermingled with the fine elderly gentleman smoking a pipe as he read his paper or book. There was nothing musty or frumpy about it. It was a clean, crisp, rich smell that filled the room with comfort and warmth. I am definitely not going to complain when my husband lights this tobacco again. I will however, reserve the right to buy him a Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe to go with it!
~ The Pipe-smokers Wife

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