Everyday Smoke for Everyday Life (C’est La Vie Corona)

2015-04-24 11.31.27Once again it was time for a morning smoke.  I only had a couple of sticks left in my Fusion of Flavor Sampler from Pipes & Cigars and the C’est La Vie Corona was appealing for its light wrapper.  I figured its long body ought to be just about right for an episode of Game of Thrones followed by The Voice.

The C’est La Vie is billed as a mild-bodied cigar with a Nicaraguan Connecticut wrapper.  It’s also incredibly inexpensive.  You can buy them in boxes for less than a US buck apiece.  I was astounded and I expected them to be awful.  Apparently that’s not an uncommon expectation.

Says Cigars International:

One glance at our ridiculously low prices, and you’re probably wondering – how bad are these things? The answer: not bad at all. Made with a traditional ‘Cuban sandwich’ blend of Dominican and Nicaragua tobaccos topped with a Connecticut wrapper leaf, C’est La Vie offers a smooth, mild to medium-bodied experience. There’s even a slightly sweetened option for an extra bit of added flavor. I’m not promising much here, but I’m more than confident they’ll fit the bill for mowing the lawn or working around the yard. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found countless more opportunities to burn one. And the truth is, these are probably the cheapest full-sized cigars we carry….and they’re surprisingly good.

2015-04-24 11.31.39The wrapper note was nothing to write home about but it did have faint elements of clover and something sugary, with possibly an undertone of honey.  It wasn’t as strong as I might have expected for a sweetened cigar.  But the pre-light draw provided a pleasant sweetness I rather enjoyed that suggested something like fresh alfalfa.

I wanted to draw your attention to the unusual rounded triple cap.  This is not the kind of effort you’d expect at the price they’re asking, so I was impressed.  It punched easily with my bullet punch and the cigar lit without difficulty and before long set to a pleasant, even smolder.  Because of the mild body I smoked steadily through Game of Thrones, such that I didn’t even notice I’d chewed through almost half of it.  The Connecticut wrapper created a mild golden flavour that I associate with Connecticuts, tinged with an almost clover sweetness.  It was exactly right for first thing in the morning.

I resolved to smoke it more slowly, so it made it through The Voice as well (which was a short “results show” episode.)  Since I watch this stuff on computer, that tells me the smoke lasted a perfect hour and a half, and I smoked it down to the nub.  I found a bit more sophistication in the middle portion; something creamy, like a liqueur but not quite.  It was thoroughly enjoyable!

So my verdict: a surprisingly good, surprisingly inexpensive stick for those who enjoy a light-bodied Connecticut to get the gears grinding.  A fine everyday smoke for everyday life.  Especially considering the low price point, and with no major issues of construction, I must give it:

4 stars

You can find them for $29.99 USD for a box of forty right now at Cigars International and Pipes & Cigars (no kidding!)  And that’s a lady’s perspective!


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