The Piper and His GoodWife – Sutliff Private Stock Berkshire

Well, Jose and Kat are now professional reviewers (I pay them lol).  Here is their latest, on Berkshire

Sutliff Private Stock Berkshire

Well today was a bit rainy and a humid windy day. Oh well, it could be worse, right? At least I was finally able to plant a few herbs and peppers in our balcony pots. Summer is here and I hope everyone has a nice one as the summer goes on. We know it just gets busy for everyone. So I’m lucky to be able to relax a bit yet and review this blend today. What might you ask is today’s lucky winner? (drum roll please). Sutliff’s Berkshire (Sutliff Private Stock).

Pipe: Meershaum rusticated straight

Tobacco: Latakia, Oriental, Perique, Virginia

Cut: Rough cut ribbon

Pack method: 3 tier

Strength: Medium

Taste: This blend has a spicy richness with a slight smoky citrus sweetness.

Tin note: Leathery with a mild campfire smoke, nuance of sweet citrus notes.

Room note: Natural wood smokiness that reminds me of a good BBQ that not over bearing and is well-balanced. Noticed a nice peppery spiciness to it with a slight natural sweetness from the Virginia. It is a nicely balanced smoke.

Notes: Out of the tin it’s ready to pack, not overly moist at all. Berkshire has a nice balanced aroma that means you can pick up all the wonderful aromas from all the different tobacco leafs in it. The cut is a rough cut, which makes it a bit different from what I normally see in a tin, but it does pack and light well. The first 1/3 of the bowl has a wonderful flavor of the natural Virginia sweetness and the citrus from the Orientals. Towards the last 1/3 of the bowl I’m noticing more of spiciness from the Perique and is a very nice balanced smoke as the flavor was for the most part consistent. Never got over powering or bitter or to hot. I recommend this blend for sure and this would be a great starter for anyone how would like to try an English blend as it has lots of great flavor, not too strong, easy to pack and light, doesn’t get hot or bitter, well-balanced. Would keep this one in rotation for sure!!!!

Rate: 4 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: Berkshire is a much more subtle smoke than I anticipated. My darling hubby is currently sitting with not one but two friends and they all are smoking it. I would understand being blown out of the room with the sheer volume of smoke enveloping the room. However, that said, Berkshire has a nice woodsy campfire smoke aroma that evokes outdoorsy imagery and lets my mind wander to big burly lumberjack types of men. My imagination flies to images of men tossing around axes and drinking whiskey around a blazing flame. I am sure you know the type, men in plaid with full beards, glasses clanking as they practically annihilate each other with a simple hello slap on the back. This tobacco, like my mental image, has an easy camaraderie and a slightly peppery note. This peppery note is reminiscent of man speak, a language un-inhibited by ladies or children nearby. It is an image and a smoke I quite frankly, find appealing. It has the beautiful balance of true masculinity and the boldness of the gruff, rough and tumble guy’s guy. I assume because of this it might scare off the aromatic aficionados but for the rest, it should suit just wonderfully! Smoke on my darling men!

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