The Piper and His GoodWife – Sutliff Private Stock Charlemagne

Well, Jose and Kat are on a roll, and here is a review that proves they don’t like everything, prepare yourself for.

Sutliff: Charlemagne

Well after a good day at work today, yes I said a good day at work!!! Ok, stop laughing at me (lol). I had a nice dinner and then some awesome friends came on over to spend time with my wife and I. So I figured why not also enjoy some new tobacco to review. So for every ones enjoyment tonight I’ll be trying Sutliff Charlemagne (Sutliff Private Stock). It’s been aged over a year in a sealed tin.

Pipe: Mr. Brog #52

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia

Cut: Coarse cut

Pack method: 3 tier

Taste: Creamy vanilla fruitiness in the beginning of 1/3 of the bowl, but not complex at all. As I smoked it through, it gets hotter and more bland or one-noted to the point it loses all its vanilla fruit notes and ends up like your tasting a wooden Popsicle stick, not very pleasant at all. It also got some bitterness towards the last 1/3 of the bowl.

Tin note: In the tin it is sweet, vanilla and fruity. This blend also smells like Irish soda bread to some when I passed the tin around the room.
Strength: Mild

Room note: Pleasant vanilla odor, not an overly pungent or sweet aroma. The room note is one you would come to expect from most aromatics.

Notes: The tin note was very sweet vanilla but I didn’t notice any rum taste that is listed in the description. Some of my companions likened this blend to the aroma of Irish soda bread while others picked up more on the vanilla. Charlemagne does come moist out of the tin so depending on how moist it is in the tin will determine how long of a dry time you will need. It does pack well. I used the 3-tier method for packing and it worked fine for me; didn’t need a lot of relights. I noticed after the first third of the bowl it developed some nuttiness but quickly lost that flavor. After that it becomes blander yet, but still decent. Unfortunately, the last third of the bowl tasted like a wooden Popsicle stick and was extremely bitter. Likewise, it also smoked very hot during the whole bowl and I even used it in the thickest bowl I had smoked it slow. It’s a decent smoke for beginners that would like to try aromatics for the room note, especially as the room note is far better than the actual taste. The one bright thing is I didn’t notice much tongue bite and when I rated this one it’s a generous 2 out of 5 but in reality more of a 1.5 out of 5.
Rate: 1.5 out of 5

The Good Wife’s Review: With a room full of laughter and good friends I had high hopes for this blend. When the hubby lit it up I instantly got transported back to childhood. As a really little girl living in the suburbs, running through the neighbors’ yards was a way of life. On the far side of a house next to ours was a peach tree. I suppose it actually belonged to the next set of neighbors but all I remember was the peach tree. I smiled and settled in with memories of sneaking around the front of the house to get to those peaches as the older gentleman often smoked his pipe on the back patio near the tree. He probably didn’t care I swiped peaches; the tree always had so many. The challenge however was in sneaking past that pipe smoking old man and swooping off with my prize. He was a nice old man and was always fun to talk to when I got caught and this tobacco bringing back that long-lost memory is much appreciated. But, that is where all the joy for me ends. Once the memory fades I am left with a slightly acrid, burning, fake vanilla aroma filling the room. After more than 10 minutes I sit here trying desperately to hold onto the goodness of this smoke as my throat gets scratchy and irritated and my nose wrinkles with the sheer un-natural sweetness and burnt cookie scent. So for the memory, thanks but in my opinion, leave it in the tin please!

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