The Piper and His Goodwife – Sutliff Kentucky Planter

Well it’s Monday. It’s the start of yet another long week of work, back to the grind, but at least tonight I get to kick back enjoy a nice pipe tonight before the end of the day. The sun is starting to go down a little and birds are having fun outside. I’m still hoping to see a hummingbird use our feeder, amazing little birds. I hope the week goes smooth for everyone as well. Okay, down to the nitty-gritty of tonight’s review. It is on Sutliff Kentucky Plantation (Sutliff Private Stock).

Pipe: Eric Berk freehand

Tobacco: Burley, Kentucky

Cut: Broken flake

Pack method: Fill and tap

Strength: Medium

Tin note: Kentucky Planter is slightly sweet with aromas of cocoa and vanilla with some nuttiness.
Taste: Sweet cocoa, vanilla, nuttiness and black pepper spiciness.

Room note: mellow pleasant aroma of cocoa vanilla with hints of roasted nuts.

Notes: Out of the tin the aroma reminds me of a good cocoa vanilla pudding with peanuts sprinkled on top of it. I know it sounds weird but that’s what I smell in the tin. It’s not overly moist and packs well and lights great right out of the tin. Once lit, I did notice black pepper spiciness from the beginning to the end, which for my taste anyway, deters from the other flavors, as the spiciness is more forward than in the background. Some may really enjoy that in their tobacco so don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just not what I prefer. That being said this blend is well-balanced throughout the smoke and is a good smoke. Never got hot or gloopy at all, no bitterness, has a good consistency through the whole bowl and I can recommend this as an all day smoke for some as long as you enjoy some spice in your tobacco. If your prefer very mild to mild smoke it’s still a good smoke but maybe not an all day one. It may not be one of my favorites for these reasons but each of us has their own likes and dislikes. Give it a try, and see for yourself. Keep on puffin!!!

Rate: 2.5 out of 5


The Good Wife’s Review: At first light this blend comes across as sweeter than what the hubby usually smokes. Not too sweet or cloying like a fruit aromatic but still slightly sweet. It’s light and slightly refreshing. Kentucky Planter is a good name I suppose, it is reminiscent of iced tea with lemon and just a touch of honey on a cool summer evening. This tobacco begs to be smoked on a swing on a front porch. It isn’t all southern sweet and sultry drawl but there’s enough of that there to be interesting. Likewise, it isn’t all northern lumberjack brawling man smoke either. Kentucky Planter is a nice smooth smell that just lingers and makes you think about it. It is a little teasing and lot charming; it’s a scent that entertains casual conversations and comfortable silences alike. I wish our park bench on the balcony were a swing on a wide old southern Kentucky front porch. I also wish for an icy mug of iced tea with extra lemon and a touch of honey swirled in about now. It will always be a great summer smoke.


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