The Piper and His Goodwife – Sutliff Private Stock: St. George’s Blend

Yet another wonderful day in paradise! So far the weather is nice and sunny and I made a wonderful pasta dish for my wife and I and now have time to unwind a bit. I decided there was no better way to enjoy the evening but smoke a pipe and review some tobacco. So today we are reviewing Sutliff St. George’s Blend (Sutliff Private Stock). Have a great evening everyone!

Pipe: MM patriot corn cob

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Virginia with a cherry topping

Cut: Coarse cut

Pack method: 3 Tier

Tin note: Cordial cherry, very sweet

Strength: Mild

Taste: Not overly cherry, lacks dimension and depth, not enough flavor.

Room note: Very pleasant, not overpowering.

Notes: Out of the tin has a rough cut that packs well but is a little on the moist side. The first 1/3 of the bowl is mild with a very forward cherry flavor but not enough richness or overwhelming flavor. It is extremely mild. The room note is very pleasant and not overwhelming. It may help to think of it as a cherry cordial with the booze notes in the background and cherry forward aromas. By the last 1/3 the flavor is even less intense and lacking much flavor but stays mild, with thankfully no tongue bite. It has a slight bitterness and it does smoke hot so make sure to smoke it slow for best results! I can see this being a good all day smoke for cherry fans or using it to mix with other blends to add some sweetness and create good crowd pleasing aromas. For me personally it needs more depth and complexity and flavor. However, overall it is not a bad aromatic as far as cherry ones go. I would consider it in my rotation, especially around crowds who might be more sensitive to pipe smoke.
Rate: 3 out of 5


The Good Wifes Review: The hubby isn’t big on aromatic blends and to be honest since so many of them smack me in the face like bad potpourri I am normally okay with that. If I wanted to smell false aromas of fruits and flowers I’d go camp at one of those trendy home accent shops old ladies like so darn much. That said, St. George is actually not a bad little smoke. I came into this fully prepared to hate it like the last few aromatics we’ve had to endure but, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Yes, it has that distinctive aromatic odor at first but it is mild and mellow and not at all over-powering. In fact, he is still smoking it across the room and since it is summer and we have the patio door open, I don’t smell it at all. I just get faint glimmers of odor on my side of the room. When I do get a sniff of it, it is mildly sweet and tobacco-ey not cloying and in your face at all. If I absolutely had to come up with a non-tobacco description for this blend I would liken it to a fine lady wearing the hint of an expensive perfume on the way to the opera. This is not the normal aromatic corner hooker who bathed in a bottle of dime store eau de toilette.


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