Conversation in Smoke (Review of Ole Shenandoah Barrel No. 76)

This beautifully crafted burley and black cavendish mixture brings the scent of meadows when opened, as the honey and vanilla aromas intertwine impeccably.  It has the appearance of shaved toffee and coffee combined.
Packing easily, I was very impressed that it did not over-compress in the bowl, which I find happens with such moist  tobaccos under my heavy hand.
Lighting was easily done and kept up, burning just hot enough to smoke throughout.  I was very impressed with the lack of dottle, and the white ash produced.
This tobacco tastes like words in a dialogue, there is substance without much flavour, and very mild on the tongue.  I am not saying this is a bad tasting or light tobacco by any means, only that I literally cannot taste this particular blend.  To me, this makes it the best of tobaccos, as I forget that I’m smoking, as much as one can forget they are speaking aloud.
This tobacco can be purchased at:
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As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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