Soft and Sweet (Review of BORKUM RIFF 36°N Mixture (Limited Edition 2014))

Virginia, burley, and black cavendish are ribbon cut loosely to create a beautiful tobacco mixture.  Cracking this tin gives the impression of a wine and mead tasting with a strong, sweet aroma that assaults the nostrils.
Packing easily, and lighting just as easily, it stays lit throughout the smoke.  I am impressed with how little tongue bite there is to this tobacco, given the standard for aromatic cavendish.  It stays soft along the palate, with a sweet undertone.
The flavour is reminiscent of mead, while not being so strong as to sicken the stomach.  An easy smoke, very inhalable, if you so choose.
The room note is pleasant, if a bit strong, and smells about the same way as it tastes.  Smooth and silky would describe my own experience.
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As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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