Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Invictos Review

Brand: Don Pepin Garcia

Line: Blue Label Invictos

Size: 5″ X 50

Shape: Robusto 

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan 

Origin: Nicaragua

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: 1 Year

Price: $6.92 USD

Where to Purchase: Atlantic Cigar Co.

DSC00518It is a fundamental part of human nature to unequivocally and unilaterally give allegiance to a particular person, group, or even brand. This can become part of the cigar hobbyist personality also. For me this is particularly true of the Garcia family of cigars. When most cigar smokers try a new brand, particularly one that they have never heard of, and they happen to hit one bad stick (bad construction, draw, flavour, etc) they will usually say “this is a bad cigar” or more often then not “THESE are bad CIGARS”. This is a typical fallacy that we make when we try new things, especially if they are out of out comfort zone. The fallacy works reverse also, you can try a cigar, or many cigars, from a brand that you know and love; each and every time that particular sticks, or batch of sticks provides a subpar smoke, you may say something like, “this is just the odd one out”, or, “this must just be abad batch”.

This fallacious way of thinking permeates all facets of our lives, however as a cigar reviewer, we have to do our utmost to be as objective as possible when reviewing cigars, despite the activity being a very subjective one. That being said, the following review will be as objective as I can be, being a huge Garcia loyalist.

After taking it out of the cellophane wrapper, the aroma from the cigar is not as pungent as some other. The notes were pretty one dimensional from the foot, which is typically. Aromas of earth and milk chocolate were the most easily distinguishable. After snipping of the first cap, and lighting the foot with a cedar spill, the taste of the first few draws were incredibly overwhelming. It was hard to differentiate between flavours, although a presence of earthiness was there, it was taxing to try to guess the rest. I don’t want to make any judgments as of now, I let it heat up, and move into the first third to see how the flavours change.

1st Third (1/3) – 25 min

The flavours by this point have dramatically changed from the initial light and draw. The drying have only persisted in the profile in a minimal sense, and the flavours are predominately bitter espresso and slight molasses sweetness. Although this is different then the profiles of other DPG cigars that I have tried, it is a refreshing – albeit dry – change.

2nd Third (2/3) – 20 min

Comparing this third to the pervious one I experience some very noticeable changes. The drying was totally gone by this point and the profile was almost exclusively composed of a sweet coffee taste. The draw was still open, as it was since the beginning, but the texture changed entirely. My mouth was now coated with a nice creamy, oily texture, as some might call ‘meaty’, and the slickness gave the taste a more organic and wholesome body. Overall a remarkable transition, one that was welcome!

Final Third (3/3) – 20 min

Although I was puffing on the stick at the same rate that i was at the beginning, I hate to nonetheless relight it more then twice. Regardless, the tastes that predominated the previous third persisted into this final leg of the cigar. the sugary taste that I said accompanied the coffee notes somewhat subsided a bit, and was only noticeable within the few seconds of the finish were replaced with an earth peat; similar to the aroma and taste of an Islay scotch like Laphroaig or Lagavulin.

Another excellent blend by the Garcia family, and objectively good in its own right; by my objective tastes of course. You can grab yourselves the Don Pepin Garcia Original from Atlantic Cigars here:

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor

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