MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly Review

Brand: Drew Estate Cigars

Line: MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured

Size: 5″ X 56

Shape: Robusto 

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Kentucky Fire Cured

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Kentucky Fire-Cured, Nicaraguan, United States 

Origin: Nicaragua

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: N/A

Price: $7.46 USD

Where to Purchase: Atlantic Cigar Co.

IMG_2979You have to love it when a large cigar cigar manufacture releases a new, niche, high-quality and original cigar. The MUWAT (My Uzi Weighs a Ton) Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate cigars is exactly that; a new and fresh line of cigars that I think helps bring the gap between two very popular hobbies, cigar smoking and pipe smoking.

Unlike the traditional cigar leaves that are rolled into a stick, The KFC cigars contain, of course, Kentucky fire cured tobacco from both Kentucky and Virginia. These leaves are hanged in special curing barns which imbues the leaves with intense smoking flavours. This is common in a lot of English pipe tobaccos, which I was i mentioned that this is a great mid-way stick between cigars and pipes!

Upon taking the stick out of the cellophane the cigar instantly filled the air with the pungent aroma of smoked tobacco, very English pipe tobacco-like. Anything that would normally smell like a cigar was definitely not there, if it was it was being overpowered by the camp-fire aroma.

After toasting and lighting the foot with a cedar spill I was incredibly surprised to find the flavours did not match the bearing of the virgin aroma. The draw was very open, with only the slightest resistance; this provided a wonderful smoke output on the intake. The note of smoked tobacco was definitely there on the finish, but it was accompanied by a hickory sweetness. Additionally, the smoothness of the smoke was a wonderful surprise, something that usually only comes from well aged smoked tobacco.

1st Third (1/3) – 25 min

The smokiness became more and more apparent as I smoked the cigar into the first third. The almost honey-like natural sweetness continued along for the ride also, while the two flavours melded together into a more uniform and singular profile. About 15-30 seconds after expulsion of the smoke, the finish had a burnt wood taste, one that is most notably found in peated scotch (one of my favourite types). Overall, the construction, draw, smoke output and flavours made this a very enjoyable first third.

2nd Third (2/3) – 45 min

Lasting surprising long for a cigar of this size, the second third was plagued with a wonky burn demanding multiple re-lights and touch-ups. With regards to profile, the fire-cured tobacco gave the notes a characteristic Latakia note, which although lacked spiciness, made up for in sheer boldness of flavour. Oil from the smoke coated my mouth, palate and lips, but it did not have that ‘meaty’ texture that typically accompanies it. Overall a great third, aside from the burn issues.

Final Third (3/3) – 30 min

IMG_2983Although the flavours of hickory and burnt hay were noticeable during this third they became almost totally faint under the pressure of the increasing heat. The cigar became unbearably hot and soft about two inches away from the cap. Unfortunately, even though i slowed my puffing pace down considerably, it only warranted a relight, rather than a cooling down of the smoke.

Total Smoke Time: 1h 40min

Final Notes

Aside from the relight issues in the second and third parts, accompanied by the intense, but not unusual, heat of the final third, this MUWAT KFC cigar was definitely one for the books. Its unique and original blend with its smooth and consistent flavours offer the cigar smoker a taste of the English pipe smoking world.

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor


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