New Sensation (Dholakia Snuff Medicated #10)

Dholakia medicated no 10 bOver the past year I’ve seen a lot of negative reaction from the pipe and cigar forums over the use of tobacco snuff.  From what I’ve gathered, many pipe and cigar smokers do not view the use of snuff as even being in the same category as what they do.

Well, personally, I have a more open mind than that, so lately I’ve been giving snuffing a try.  Even most of the smokers around me, my wife, my husband, my son, and the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club think that stuff is just nasty, many won’t even try it.

So, with a shrug of my shoulders, I jumped in to the world of tobacco snuffs with both feet.

To start with, I ordered about ½ dozen Silver Dollar snuffs from, and a few from; about a dozen snuffs in total.

Then I set about trying them.  My husband, with his deviated septum, found that all they did was burn his sinuses and my son tried it and immediately declared it absolutely awful.  My friends, Dom and Blake, from the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club both tried it and liked it, and immediately acquired some snuff from me.

I discovered very quickly that I was not really into medicated snuffs.  I found the menthol in them overpowering, and I couldn’t really smell anything else that they were supposed to smell like.

So, with some trades online and pawning the stuff off on my friends, I managed to get rid of all my medicated snuffs.  Now, my stuff collection it is up to 17 tins, over 110 g, with no medicated snuffs.

And, I am no longer a newbie at it.  Sneezing and choking is no longer my thing.

So, I guess it’s OK for me to now get my opinion on snuffs.

Dholakia snuff in India, some time ago, asked for a volunteer list to receive a sample of their new snuff, and I thought to myself, what the hell, why not?  I reached out to my other editors over what they thought about including snuff in a magazine about smoking, and it was brought to my attention that nobody else was doing it.  So, we made an executive decision to include snuff among the “smoking pleasures” described in the pages of our magazine.  And it has prompted me to change our tagline to “Reviews and Opinions on All Your Tobacco Pleasures!”

OK, so on with this review;

A few days ago I received my sample of Dholakia Medicated #10 in the mail, along with many of the others on the volunteer list.

To be honest, I was not very enthusiastic, as I have disliked every other medicated snuff that I have tried to this point, and didn’t have high hopes for this one as I could smell the menthol through the envelope.

But, it is the job of a reviewer to give everything an honest try, so I tried.

Boy, was I glad I did!

On the first sniff, the menthol strikes your palette and you almost think it’s going to be overwhelming.  However, the sharp menthol sensation quickly gives way to a cool, yet spicy, distinctly Indian, tobacco scent.

You know, that distinct Indian tobacco musky flavor?  Well, this snuff has that, but not so deep and earthy.

In two sniffs, Dholakia Medicated #10 completely changed my mind about mentholated tobacco snuffs.

The snuff is not so strong is to make you vibrate, like Red Bull and similar, but is definitely strong enough to give you a buzz.  And the menthol is not completely overpowering, like it is in Red Bull, but rather just enough to cool the sinuses.

Love it!  Can’t get enough of it!  Going to definitely order some more!

Sniff ‘em if you got ‘em!

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