Three Cigars and a Funeral: Part 3 (5 Vegas Gold Maduro Belicoso Torpedo)

2015-07-27 13.50.28On our way home from my friend’s funeral.  I had expected to drive home during the evening, but inclement weather and our hangovers required another overnight.  Of the three cigars I’d brought for the occasion, including the Acid 1400 CC Robusto and the Perdomo Ltd. Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Churchill, I’d saved my exceptionally dark, almost oscuro 5 Vegas Gold Maduro Torpedo for the trip home because I’d expected that nighttime drive, and I don’t usually prefer maduros during the day, but that’s what I had so that’s what I smoked.  I was still a little spacey and perhaps somewhat hung over from my weekend, and I was concerned that such a dark cigar might be a little much.

I’ve been a fan of the 5 Vegas cigars I’ve smoked thus far, so I was looking forward to this one.  I love a well-constructed torpedo and I see why the shape is in such high demand.  Do it right and you almost always get a perfect clip and a clean, trouble-free smoke.  The Gold Maduro was done right.

2015-07-27 13.50.39Cigars International tells me that the Gold Maduro was the result of four years of blending experimentation.  The Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper was triple-fermented and with its Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, it’s billed as a mild- to medium-bodied cigar.  The wrapper was a matte dark chocolate shade with few veins, presented with the sparkly, almost gaudy 5 Vegas label.  For a maduro fan this is a very attractively-presented cigar.  It’s seven inches long and a 54 ring gauge.

The wrapper note is mostly of cocoa and pepper.  The pre-light draw promised the same.

2015-07-27 13.50.22I lit it eagerly and with relish as we drove along and it lit without any difficulty or complication at all.  I got a surprisingly level light and the van cab quickly filled with voluptuous smoke.  We had to open the window.

The first draws were oily and dark, full of coffee and cocoa notes with a hint of something peppery.  I would be hard-pressed to determine if it was white or black pepper, though I have seen since that some reviewers have expressed a preference towards one or the other.  There was also a subtle undertone of clove.  At any rate, it was considerably darker and more peppery than I generally prefer to smoke in the daytime, but I really enjoyed it.

2015-07-27 13.50.33As the cigar progressed into the second third, about a half hour in, I noticed that the coffee elements became darker and more bitter, like espresso perhaps; but it developed a sweet element.  Some sites have claimed it to be somewhat like dried fruit; I think it was more like an undertone of Turkish delight mixed into coffee.  In the final third that pepper taste became especially pronounced and I stubbed out the cigar with a slightly spicy aura on my lips.

I puffed away contently at it with my partner; so much so that we finished the stick in about an hour, all told.  This should not be any indication as to the true length of the smoke, but instead should be considered a testimony to the smoothness and mellowness of this most unusual maduro experience.  Obviously I had no need to be afraid of this dark beauty; she was very gentle with me.

Pipes & Cigars says that if you’ve been “skittish” about dark cigars, this is the one to try.  And yes, it’s so smooth and un-bitter that I have to wholeheartedly agree.  Highly recommended!  Once again I can find no fault.   How did I pick out such perfect cigars for my friend’s funeral?

But she did go out once near the end and had to be re-lit, probably due to its firm pack, so I can’t give it a perfect mark. However, I can still give it a solid gold rating of:

Stars - 4 and a half

I got mine at Pipes & Cigars, but it looks like you have to get a sampler or a robusto if you want to get a Gold Maduro there.  You can get them in the torpedo in a box of twenty for $69.00 USD at Cigars International, but the five pack is backordered, and at $20 USD I can see why!  In this lady’s perspective, with this price point, you should get them now before they sell out everywhere!

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