Hire a Hit – Gurkha Assassin Robusto Review

Brand: Gurkha

Line: Assassin

Size: 5″ X 50

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Brazlian Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Peruvian, Nicaraguan

Origin: Honduras

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: 1 Year

Price: $7.15 USD

Where to Purchase: Atlantic Cigar Co.

DSC00559Once more into the fray. We again come back to one of the many cigars that comprise the massive Gurkha line of cigars. As it is with many of them, the Gurkha Assassin has mixed feelings; some people swear by their quality of construction and beautiful profile of flavours, while other categorically dismiss them as dismal and flavourless. Nonetheless, I will do my own review of this cigar and at the same time do so while simultaneously attempting to set aside any preconceived ideas I may or may not have had about Gurkha or this particular stick.

I removed the cigars, which has been sitting for over a year in my humidor from it cellophane sleeve. The construction was very nice with little to no visible veins or seams. The texture was oily, but with a slight tooth to it. The double cap was constructed nicely, as was the overall light, yet dense pack. There wasn’t many aromas coming off the wrapper, but the foot did give off a very sweet, aged tobacco scent. I snipped the first cap off with my table guillotine and was greeted by a thankfully loose draw. Toasting the foot with my table lighter I received a nice volume of smoke which had flavours of dry, bitter smoke. I hoped right from the beginning that this wouldn’t remain such.

First Third (1/3) – 20 min

DSC00560The bitterness quickly dissipated and was thankfully replaced with a unique earthy molasses. Although it wasn’t as sweet as one would expect from a molasses based profile, the flavour was definitely there, but the dry overtones persisted regardless of the flavour change. I wouldn’t call this bad by any means, but it does certainly depend on personal preference.

Second Third (2/3) – 15 min

DSC00561Drastically making a shift from the previous third, this portion made a comeback. Although the dry overtone remained, I had hints of chocolate, anise and strong coffee make their appearance. The flavours worked remarkable well together, and although I was pushing to the last two inches of the cigar as we got closer to the final third, the smoke remained cool and flavourful.

Final Third (3/3) – 15 min

DSC00562The smoke volume and draw were still top notch, as was the cool smoke temperature. However, the flavour degenerated into a musty almost sickening profile. It go to the point where I just had to put it down for good. I was surprised, but stick after stick the Assassin kept beating me.

Total Smoke Time: 50 min

Final Verdict

The Gurkha Assassin Robusto is a well constructed stick that continuously provides a great draw and large volumes of smoke. However, its failings come in the most important category, the flavour. Bitter, perpetually dry and at some points sickening, the Gurkha Assassin lives up to the Gurkha reputation of mixed quality of stogies. I think the best thing to do is hire a hit to strike down this Assassin!

By: Steve Umbrello – Senior Editor

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