Definitely Worth It! (Real Reality Snuff – ZenJon Peters Home Blend)

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out on Facebook in the Nasal Snuff Takers group when ZenJon Peters announced that he had just completed a new home blend and would anybody like to try it?

Well, I jumped on that bandwagon like a fly jumps on…  Poop, and immediately sent him an e-mail with my address.  A few exchanges of e-mail later and we figured out that the sample could be delivered for the cost of a postage stamp, so we were all a go.

Making a long story short, or rather just telling a short story, the sample arrived yesterday and after breaking into the package (ZenJon packed it really good) I was eager to try it.

Here are my thoughts on Real Reality Snuff’s ZenJon Peters Home Blend;

Manufacturer: Real Reality Tobacco Company

Name: ZenJon Peters home blend

Moisture: Dry

Grind: Very Fine

Color: Brown

Type: unknown, scotch I think

Country: USA

Mentholated?  No

Flavoured?  No, I don’t think so?

Well, cutting into the package I was greeted with the warmly brown, very fine ground powder that smelled vaguely of grass and hay.

My clumsy hands tried to get out enough for a snuff, but managed to dump it all over the tray (fortunately for me I was able to scoop it back up).

I have a rather unique way of taking snuff as my arms are only partially functional, but I won’t get into that right now.

When I did get the snuff up to my nose, it was a difficult pinch.  I’m not one to sneeze, though I am new at this, but I will cough on difficult snuffs, and I did so with this one.

However, once my coughing fit was over, the difficult take was definitely worth it.  I felt the buzz of the nicotine right away and was met with a scent of tobacco and something I couldn’t immediately place; savory and umami.

After a few minutes, the strong scent that I couldn’t put my finger on faded somewhat and I could finally place it.  It tasted/smelled like smoked fish or pork in a really good way.

I eventually tried three more snuffs of it, and enjoyed each one, though each was a difficult take and left me coughing for a bit.

So, while this one is not for a beginner, unless you’re willing to put up with a little “beginner problems”, personally, I love it, and I hope I can talk ZenJon into sending me some more (like Pretty Woman “I have money”)!

Thanks ZenJon for this wonderful experience, your snuff’s truly amazing.

Sniff ‘em if you got ‘em!

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