Like Dynamite: Little Package, Big Punch (Acid Nasty Maduro Pyramid)

2015-08-16 19.50.36It was my friend Doug’s 50th birthday.  He likes to enjoy a good cigar every now and then, so we brought him my last Oliva Serie ‘G’.  I also brought a little smoke to join him with should he want to indulge right there, but since we were at a pub and going in and out, I thought my Acid Nasty was just about perfect for the bill.

This dark little beauty is formed in an uncommon pyramid shape.  It’s so uncommon these days that there’s even questions on the internet about which end to light (don’t worry, it confused me too.  The answer is the small end).  The stick is clearly a maduro with its rich dark fudge colour, and when I got it, it had a pigtail twist at its tip and an uncut foot.  It’s four inches long and a 52 inch ring gauge at its widest point.  Drew Estate kindly warns you that this is going to be quite the ride by the fiery red label.

Thompson Cigar explains on their excerpt from their Acid Red Series page (but not on the page itself):

ACID Red cigars are the most intense ACID smoking experience. A potent concoction of ripe black tobaccos with unbridled infusions that are not for the timid.

2015-08-16 19.50.46When the inevitable smoker’s migration to the outdoors occurred I went along to chat with my friends.  It’s worth noting, I suppose, that the unusual-looking cigar got a few intrigued questions (“What’s that?”) and a few requests to sample.  The wrapper note was clearly pepper and something sweet.  I was instantly reminded of peppercorn steak barbecue sauce.  Or maybe Turkish delight.  This excited me because I’m a maduro fan and this was just a little bit different, as you might have come to expect by now if you’ve been following my reviews of the Drew Estate cigars.

I clipped the tip but chose to light the uncut foot directly.  I found this made for a slower, but more even light.  It also started a slower burn, which I enjoyed immensely.  Fullsome, rich smoke was drawn forth.  The taste was like a sweet barbecue sauce over a well-blackened pepper steak, or perhaps marinara on blackened fish.  Or possibly chili chocolate cocoa with a rose undertone.  Absolutely delicious, and the quality of the tobacco shone through clearly.

2015-08-16 19.50.33I clipped it after about twenty minutes because the party was moving indoors (after sharing more than a puff or two). I found that this medium-to-full-bodied cigar was perfectly accompanied by my strawberry margarita and buffalo wings.

I relit the cigar to finish on the way home after the meal and the birthday cake, and found it just as good the second time around, though considerably more peppery.  It finished as strongly as it started and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Overall it took about half an hour to smoke.

A fantastic smoke!  They say that good things come in small packages, like dynamite.  It was exactly enough smoke at exactly the right combination of flavours for me.  I will certainly buy it again!  With no problems and such an enjoyable smoking experience, I can only give this fine, punchy dark gem:

Stars - 4 and a half

You can get yours from Thompson Cigar but I find the pricing confusing: it says you can get them there for $58.41-$128.19 USD for a box.  Or you can get them at Famous Smoke for $128.99 USD for a box of 24.  I got mine as part of the Acid Tin Sampler at Pipes & Cigars for $44.95 USD.  That’s a lady’s perspective!

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