Monte Conde by Montecristo Review

Brand: Montecristo

Line: Monte

Size: 5 1/2″ X 48

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Honduras, Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Origin: Dominican Republic

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: N/A

Price: $9.20 USD

Where to Purchase: Famous Smoke Shop

Monte Conde VerticalTaking a break between reviews can be great sometimes. Overexerting ones palate with the increasingly large selection of cigars out there can take a toll. When this happens it become hard to distinguish flavors and one cannot do the review justice, let alone judge the cigar for its own objective quality. Nonetheless, this review comes to you with a fresh palate, ready to taste the nuances that this Conde has to offer.

Right when I removed the cigar from the cellophane I was greater by an incredibly pungent aroma, delicious but strong. This is due to the use of two binders, a Dominican Olor and a bold Nicaraguan Corojo. Accompanying the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, the scents of delicately aged tobacco, sweet spice and rich earth dominate the surrounding space. The construction is near perfect, with tight invisible seams and a very toothy, yet oily wrapper that helps to distribute the smells. The inclusion of the traditional pigtail is a great addition, and the slightly slightly spongy, yet heavy pack makes the cigar nice to hold.

I snipped the pigtail off with my table guillotine, and took the initial false draw…perfect air resistance. The taste of the wrapper and filler on the lips is equally rich, with notes of sweet earth and the tingle of the nicotine absorption on the lips.

After toasting and lighting the foot with a cedar spill, the cigars voluptuous smoke output gave smooth, yet bitter smoke on the initial draw, with a long finish of refined espresso and nutmeg.

First Third (1/3) – 20 min

Monte Conde First ThirdThe flavors and tones changed considerably during the first twenty minutes. The draw and construction remained perfect, but the bitter overtones became non-existent as they were replaced by a sweet chocolate and earth profile. Although the profile lost its strong bitterness, the profile as it stood was still considerably bold and tasty. An excellent first third.

Second Third (2/3) – 35 min

After a few relights, not on the fault if the cigar, but on the heavily humidified environment, The flavors took a turn for the better. Becoming creamy and oily, the smoke took on a flavor of aged tobacco, cedar, and milk chocolate. A great mix of flavors.

Final Third (3/3) – 20 min

Unexpectedly the smoke output ramped up and the flavors that coincided did also. Although there were no major changes in the profile, the extra output definitely increased their potency. Unfortunately, the nicotine kick followed suit and and I was forced to put the cigar down foe good lest I became nauseous. Nonetheless, it was a decent third for what it was.

Total Smoke Time: 1h 15min

The Verdict

The Monte by Montecristo is definitely an amazing stick that any cigar lover must at least try. The beautiful balance and array of flavors provide a great smoking experience. Although the nicotine kick in the final third is off-putting to some, other welcome it, thus I don’t discredit it for that. Coming in with perfect construction, draw, flavors and burn, the Monte is a definite must-buy! You can purchase this wonderful stick from the Famous Smoke Shop HERE

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor

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