Hold Your Horses! (Standard Tobacco: War Horse, Loose Cut in a John Hines Cavalier)

2015-09-23 21.45.36Well, it has been an interesting time for me to say the least.  Just about 2 weeks ago, John Hines surprised me by sending me a cavalier pipe with the note “thanks for all the wonderful reviews” and on the exact same day, Russ Ouellette of Pipes and Cigars sent me five review samples of old blends that have been reintroduced to the market, including the legendary War Horse from England.

I remember having sampled War Horse while I was in the Navy back in the eighties, but I’d be a liar if I told you I remembered what it tasted like.  However, I have vague memories of having enjoyed it, so I was eager to try it again, and I thought to myself what better pipe to smoke a blend called War Horse in than a Cavalier.

So, I loaded up the cavalier, with the War Horse, and set out to write this review.

As you can see, that didn’t happen, as I got totally distracted by how great this tobacco tasted and how beautifully this pipe smoked.

The smoke from this pipe was so exquisite, that I immediately had to try another tobacco, and another, and another.

A few days later when I came down from my high, (both from the nicotine and the elation of the great pipe) I reported to John that this cavalier was “to my experience, the best smoking pipe in the world!”

Now I had tried pretty much every kind of tobacco that I could smoke in this pipe, selecting from my favorite blends, and even trying a few that I was less than fond of, I found the pipe to smoke brilliantly with any blend, but I still couldn’t get over how great that first smoke was.

So, all week I struggled with reviews, managed to injure myself, and kill my headphones and microphone; and the depression began to build.  This week, due to the injury and impending depression, I spent the whole week playing video games, and didn’t smoke much at all.

So, each time this week that my wife suggested that I do a review, it just helped to deepen my depression, until tonight.  Tonight she suggested that I break out the War Horse again, and review that alongside my cavalier pipe with the title as I’ve quoted.  Then, like a dam bursting, my creative juices began to flow again and a few short hours later I find myself back in the saddle (pun intended) with this review veritably flowing out of my mouth, or at least it would be if my speech recognition wasn’t a pain in the arse.

The bag note of the small one ounce sample that I got is superb.  The sweet Virginia is most dominant, but the nutty Burley and spicy Perique can easily be noticed.

The sample I got is loose cut, and I understand that it comes in kake as well, but the presentation is most inviting.

Again, I started smoking the pipe and got lost in the experience, so three bowls and a few hours later I was ready to write.

What I can say about the taste of this tobacco is that it is amazing; fruity, nutty and spicy, and very complex.

I know I will be looking for this blend again when it becomes available on the general market and it is going to be produced by Lane Limited for The Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania and, probably, sold exclusively by pipesandcigars.com, but in the meantime I will hoard the last few pipefulls that I have.

Overall, I would say this is a solid five-star blend; I have no idea if it tastes like the original, but the new version is delicious.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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