Another Winner! (Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Torpedo)

2015-10-26 10.33.48I am a confirmed fan of Rocky Patel.  Thus far I’ve loved absolutely everything I’ve tried that they’ve made.  So when I received a Rocky Patel I’d never seen before — the Nicaraguan Torpedo — to review from Famous Smoke Shop, I was excited.  I saved it for a time I could savour and enjoy it, and that day has come.

As they advertise, not one of these cigars is less than six inches long, and they weigh in at a comfortably fat 52 ring gauge.  That’s a lot of cigar, not to be taken lightly.  The RP Nicaraguan sports a sporty green and black striped label with classy gold trim, and an unveined, chocolate-shaded Habano-seed wrapper; but otherwise, this is a Nicaraguan Puro (which, I’ll remind the uninitiated, means its tobaccos are strictly Nicaraguan grown).  The wrapper note was of rich chocolate and coffee and its torpedo cap was so lovely I almost didn’t want to cut it; but eventually I consented to slicing it with my double guillotine cutter, and it clipped with absolutely precision. It was a rather firm pack so I was a little concerned about the draw, but figured I could always cut further down the length of the cigar to improve draw later if necessary.

2015-10-26 10.33.53The foot toasted easily with my cedar spill, and the light was perfect and even.  Within the first few draws I exclaimed, “Another winner from Rocky Patel!”  It was woody, with distinctive coffee notes, but more importantly, it radiated earthy patchouli notes and a hint of that iron Habano flavour.  Outstanding in a Nicaraguan; and I like Nicaraguans!  A volumous plume of smoke filled the air to match the misty grey morning outside,.

It quickly became clear, however, that the misgivings I’d had about the pack were not misplaced.  Within a couple of minutes of leaving it burn to write this, the draw became difficult and strained.  Hoping against hope, I clipped it a little further down; and wouldn’t you know it?  That fixed the problem instantly!  Back to delicious earthy flavour and nicotine tingling my lips!  It wasn’t as strong-bodied as the other Rocky Patels I’ve tried either.  I found, also, that the ash flaked nicely in white cylindrical columns.  The first third lasted 40 minutes.

2015-10-26 12.46.34By the second third, the cigar had acquired a lovely woody flavour that mingled with the earthiness.  It tasted like the forest floor smells in the fall, with wet and dirt and wood and that slightly bitter undertone of fermentation.  Fantastic!  Unfortunately it went out at almost exactly the halfway point (I left it too long again for writing) and so I was required to clip and re-light at about the purging point, 15 minutes after the first third was done.  The second third took about half an hour all told.

The final third, just before which I removed the label, regained the coffee elements, along with a faintly toasted flavour.  Almost too quickly for my tastes it was finished, 20 minutes later.  And it was good to the last puff.

So, Rocky Patel does it again.  Once again, a fine smoke!  However, the hard pack did cause problems, and I had to re-light it, so while it remains a highly recommended stick from me, I can still only give it:

4 stars

Thanks once again to Famous Smoke, who provided the cigar for review.  You can get the RP Nicaraguan at their site in a variety of sizes, including Toro, Torpedo and 60.  The torpedos will run you $79.99 USD for a box of 20; $45.99 for a ten pack; $24.99 USD for a five pack; or $5.20 USD for a single.  And that’s a lady’s perspective!


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