Belgium Light? (Germain’s Royal Jersey Cavendish & Virginia)

pt-jgg0050So, here I am sitting down to write a review of another one of Val’s castoffs.  This time it is on J. F.  Germain & Son’s Royal Jersey Cavendish & Virginia.  Well, looking up this tobacco at I discover that this is basically their Latakia mixture with the Latakia replaced by Cavendish.  I am certain that if Val had looked this up, he wouldn’t have bought this tobacco.

As a Virginia fan, I am certain that Val expected more Virginia in this blend, but basically Virginia is used as a condiment in this tobacco blend.

Well, I’m not a Cavendish man, I find it too mild and too sweet, so I wasn’t certain I was going to like this blend, but I never had Maryland tobacco before, that I’m aware of, and I like most oriental tobaccos, so I was willing to give it a shot.

Well, here goes;

I opened up the tin to the pleasant aroma of pure tobacco.  As a smoker, I am one who enjoys the smell of un-burnt tobacco, and though it is varied, it all comes down to the same underlying, indescribable, tobacco aroma, and this blend has it in spades.  It is sweet and yet at the same time earthy and really reminds me of Burley, strange since there is none in the blend.

This tobacco was quite dry but has been open for some time, so that is to be expected.  Not too dry, but drier than most.

Since this tobacco is un-cased, it is not that surprising that the tobacco was also dry.

I load up my Brigham 103 Voyageur using the three tier method and set fire to the tobacco.

Well, immediately I can see why Val did not like this tobacco.  It has absolutely no Virginia taste to it.  As a matter of fact, the tobacco distinctly reminds me of Tabac Manil – Pure Semois (La Brumuese); so much so that I have to dig out my jar of Semois to compare the two.

How very, very odd.

Somehow, without using any Burley at all, J. F. Germain & Son manage to recreate a taste very, very similar to a hundreds of year old Burley blend from a particular valley in Belgium.

I immediately begin to wonder if it’s going to numb my throat the way that most Burley blends do, but after half a bowl I still had no numbing.

This was really great, I rather enjoyed the taste of Semois, and this gave me a similar taste without that throat numbing Burley effect.

A very mild tobacco, I get almost no nicotine hit from it at all, so if you’re a smoker that enjoys the strong nicotine sensation this is not going to be a tobacco for you.

However, even in the ample bowl of the Brigham 103, I was able to smoke the whole thing without even a buzz.

So, basically it has all the taste of pure Semois with none of the effects, hence, “Belgium Light”.

So in conclusion, if you’re a fan of the taste of pure Semois, you will enjoy the taste of Germain’s Royal Jersey Cavendish & Virginia, but if you’re a fan of the strength of pure Semois you will find this blend lacking.

The price for this tobacco varies by as much as 85¢ from the cheapest ( ($9.15 USD)) to the most expensive that I could find ( ($10.00 USD)) and appears to be the least popular of Germain’s Royal Jersey series as the other two were out of stock everywhere I could find.

That’s all I have to say on this tobacco,

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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