The Piper and His GoodWife – Sutliff Archduke Ferdinand

Well, the summer wound down pretty quickly as it was hot out when we did this review but now the winds of change are well upon us. I hope everyone had time to enjoy the summer because as we up north all well know before long it’s 3 feet deep of snow and blustery cold. Unless of course you love snow then the weather change is great for you. But I digress about the weather and go into today’s review. This review is a long overdue one from us to you and it is of Sutliff Private Stock – ARCHDUKE FERNDINAND.

Aromatic– Vanilla

Pipe: Irish Briar churchwarden- Red dragon

Tobacco: Black Cavendish, Burley, Vanilla Cavendish
Cut: Mix
Pack method: 3 tier

Strength: Mild-medium
Flavor: Sweet artificial (chemically) vanilla, natural tobacco, nutty

Taste: Slight tongue bite, chemically sweetness

Tin note: sweet vanilla (artificial)

Room note: Archduke Ferdinand has a very artificial overly sweet vanilla that others in the room didn’t like after little time in the room.

Notes: Out of the tin the cut looked nice. It was a bit too moist and I had to dry it out for a while. Overall, the aroma was ok although I was expecting a natural vanilla bean aroma and instead got more of an artificial chemically aroma. Thankfully in the middle third of the bowl I noticed more nuances of natural tobacco and nuttiness. It was probably one of the few redeeming qualities of this blend. Unfortunately, the last 1/3 of the bowl the smoke got hotter and bitter/acrid even after it was dried out first. I also got a fair bit of gurgling while smoking this blend, which can be common in aromatics with any bent pipe. However, that effect is not a hard and fast rule with all aromatics in a bent pipe. I also had to do a few relights during Archduke Ferdinand. Between losing more of the vanilla taste as well as the fact that the tobacco taste is not getting any better, I am losing interest fast. My guests in the room also are starting to dislike the room note intensely. In fact, some are saying their throats are getting scratchy from it. All agreed that the room note was very chemical-sweet, and artificial vanilla in smell. Overall this blend is barely passable but with so many other great ones in the market to try I would pass. If you run across it in a bargain bin or as a part of an event go ahead but for us it is not worth spending the money on. Keep on puffin!!
Rate: 2 out of 5


The Good Wife’s Review: The hubby lit up his churchwarden a moment ago with Archduke Ferdinand in it. Almost instantly I could smell the sweet odor wafting in my direction. It is definitely sweet in a cookie or candy realm. It is a bit cloying to be honest. As it continues to fill the room I am slowly drowning in the vanilla topping of this blend. Gentlemen, if your wife is the type who likes vanilla candles and incense or even potpourri, you have a winner. I personally prefer cleaner, crisper, more natural odors so this particular tobacco, while not truly as offensive as some I’ve been privy to be around is no winner for my sensibilities. It is too phony to be pleasing and too sweet to not cause my throat to tickle and itch with annoyance. Archduke Ferdinand can stay in the tin, out of sight and out of smell of me unless I am feeling particularly generous and the windows are wide open.

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