The Piper and His Good Wife: Sutliff Kasimir

pt-ssc0042Where did the summer go? When we wrote this the days were hot and now it is cold and snowing. I am sorry this got lost in the hectic summer heyday shuffle especially as this is a great little smoke and it didn’t deserve to be on the backburner for so long. But on the day we had free time to actually relax and unwind a bit and what perfect time to enjoy my pipe, spend some time with my wife and do some a review for everyone. Hope everyone is had a great summer and got plenty of time to enjoy it.
Today’s review will be on Sutliff’s Private Stock – Kasimir
Pipe: Lorenzo Pelican Zulu

Tobacco: Burley, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia.

Cut: Coarse cut

pack method: Tap and pack

Strength: Mild medium

Flavor: Balanced smokiness of the Latakia, wonderful notes of a citrus zing/spiciness. I also get notes of herbal/grassiness from the Virginia, as well as a toasted nut aroma from the burley that added some mellowness and body to the blend.

Taste: This blend has a lot going for it with its citrus zing, spicy, nutty, herbaceous, tamed barbeque smokiness that makes it a well blended balanced enjoyable smoke. It also has mild/medium nicotine hit with no sourness or bitterness and it smokes cool and long.

Tin Note: The first smell I noticed is the rich smokiness that is tamed. It is not a typical Latakia bomb at all. You can also notice easily the wonderful alluring aromas from the other tobacco in it such as the toasted nuttiness from the burley, the floral spicy citrus nuances from the Oriental/Turkish, as well as the herbal/grassy and some spice also from the Virginia.

Room note:  Kasimir has a nice room note, not full strength in your face aroma but you know its there, also noticed in the background a slightly sweet chocolate note.

Notes: With the name of Kasimir I’m expecting some nice spiciness to this blend, out of the tin its ready to smoke, the look of the rough cut makes you want to pack the pipe right now! I didn’t have to relight it often at all. During the first 1/3 of the bowl it has mild-medium nicotine to it with flavors of herbal/grassy notes with nuttiness and citrus notes coming through to the forefront. This combination is making it more complex and rich as I smoke it. During the last 1/3 of the bowl I’m noticing more the balance of this blend and strength stays the same with a little more body from the spiciness and sweetness that tastes like chocolate/nuttiness in the background that also adds to the richness and tames some of the Latakia smokiness.

This blend is very well thought out and blended with care as with all the different tobaccos in it nothing overpowers each other at all, they compliment each others flavor components for being a mild-medium English blend I find most to be for me rather to mild or not enough flavor or richness, but not in this case as there’s tons of flavor with out a huge nicotine hit nor a Latakia bomb to fatigue your tongue. I enjoyed this blend with hot coffee with cream and sugar, I can definitely see this as a all day smoke and for sure anyone that is new to English blends, has not bitter, no bite or harshness, smokes cool and long. I will make sure to get more to cellar as I highly recommend this to everyone to try!

Rate: 4.5 out of 5


The Good Wife’s Review: With the very name Kasimir I get an image of ancient India, specifically the Kashmir Valley, and an exotic bazaar. The image lingers like the air redolent of luscious spices and smoky foods at an open-air market in the distant past. That said, it is an un-seasonably cool day and as my husband opens the tin I only get the aroma of a cheery barbeque. It makes me wish for heat and a cold drink. As he lights up Kasimir the barbeque aroma intensifies pleasantly but the spiciness lightens and balances. The aroma becomes more American mundane with a twist, familiar but still slightly exotic. This blend is like a flavored coffee, still coffee but infused with something just a bit more. If I had to put it in barbeque terms I would say it is a mesquite barbeque not a standard apple wood or oak. There is an added hint of pungency, a slightly incense-esque property that as someone who occasionally likes incense but doesn’t like living in an incense shop, I appreciate completely. I feel like this tobacco would be excellent on a hot sultry day or maybe in the dead of winter when you yearn for the summer heat. It definitely is a complex aroma that lives up to the name. I give it an operatic bravo!

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