A Great Walking Mixture (Russ’ Monthly Blend – Mountain Pass (Trail?))

pt-rua0028-1511So, I was sitting at my table waiting for my wife and my hubby to get up after their nap trying desperately to write something coherent.  I sat in front of my computer for the better part of an hour staring at a blank page with nothing coming to me.  So I decided to work on my book for a bit.

Now, I’m not about to bore you with an explanation of what my book is about, suffice it to say that the writing was not coming easily there either.

As you can imagine, I was actually quite relieved for the company and the distraction from my failing attempts at stringing cohesive words together when they finally got up.

Earlier today my package from pipesandcigars.com arrived and I was disappointed to see that somebody had messed up my order.

You see, I receive, and have for very long time, the Pipes and Cigars Pipe Tobacco of the Month Club Double Down order.  In it I receive two tins of an aromatic tobacco, two tins of an non-aromatic tobacco, four oz or two pouches of an aromatic tobacco, and 4 ounces or two pouches of a non-aromatic tobacco.  Plus, just for good measure, they throw in two, next to useless, Chinese made cob pipes.  Well, I open up the box to find only half the order; one tin of CAO Eileen’s Dream, one tin of Dunhill Ready Rubbed, 2 ounces of Peter Stokkebye 23 B&B, 2 ounces of Russ’ Monthly Mountain Pass (interestingly, mislabeled as Mountain Trail), and only one next to useless Chinese made cob pipe.

Well, I do have to say that in the near two years that I’ve been getting this monthly order this is the first time that they’ve messed it up.  No problem, I’ll phone them in the morning and I’m sure they’ll make it right.

So, here I was fairly late at night, and I had yet to try anything from the latest order when my hubby happily opened up the bag of Mountain Pass and began to load his pipe with it.

After a brief exchange about the merits of English tobaccos, I too decided to fill my pipe with the new blend, and pressed my nose into the bag to get a whiff of the note.  I am immediately met with the sharp, sweet and yet sour and spicy scent that can only signify oriental tobaccos and Latakia.  I love that smell, it reminds me of my youth and old barns.

My husband lit his pipe before I did and the earthy, smoky room note of this tobacco soon filled the room.

Commenting on his impressions of the tobacco, as he often does with my new blends, Jamie said that this was the sort of tobacco you would take with you on a walk or hike, especially in the cool fall or winter days.  After a few puffs on my own bowl I couldn’t help but agree with that.

So, as I am wont to do, I did a little research online as I smoked my pipe.  I figured that I should go straight to the source, and get a description of the tobacco from pipesandcigars.com.  What I read almost had us both rolling off our chairs in stitches;

Mountain Pass is a wonderful cool-weather blend, perfect for a stroll outside. This Latakia-based pipe tobacco is enhanced by plenty of exotic Izmir, which adds an intriguing zesty note, and it’s complemented by enough sweet Virginia to keep the flavor from becoming heavy. If you’re a fan of rich English style blends, you’ll want to load up on Mountain Pass for your next hiking trip.

Talk about hitting the nail right on the head.

Well Russ, if that is what you were going for, a great walking mixture, then you were spot on with this one.

At first I puffed slowly and calmly upon my pipe, savoring each draw, the way a good English should be enjoyed and then, to test tongue bite, I puffed on my pipe like a furious little freight train slowly grinding its way up the steep slope all the while chugging, “I think I can, I think I can!”

What I can say is, this tobacco does not bite.  No matter how hard I puffed on the pipe, absolutely no bite.

Now, again, I am ultimately disappointed that they messed up my order, because I would have enjoyed an extra 2 ounces of this great blend by Russ Ouellette.  Five stars, Russ!

Russ’ Monthly Blend – Mountain Pass is available exclusively from pipesandcigars.com for an average of roughly $2.60 USD per ounce.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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