Just Roll With It: a simple method to pack a perfect bowl

There are probably as many methods to packing a pipe are there are pipe smokers. One thing I know is that many of us, in our early stages of the hobby, have a terrible time trying to get a decently  packed bowl, which is essential to a good smoke.

I’ve learned that the advice given is usually to start with the three-step/pinch method which can be very frustrating; just how hard does a baby, woman, man press anyway?!? I’ve also learned that different methods suit different blends, pipes, and folks in different ways, at different times.

What I like to call the Palm Roll method is a very easy one to learn and takes little time or practice to get a great smoke from. It is very well suited to all ribbon cut blends so will cover a multitude of situations.

This short video (pardon my lack of a tripod) demonstrates just how quickly you can have your pipe loaded to perfection and ready to enjoy.

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 I forgot to mention in the article when I initially wrote it so I’ll add this now: with either of these, or any “air-pocket” packing method, you have to make sure that you tamp differently than what you are probably used to. You want the tamp to be be very gentle and even, otherwise you’ll push the tobacco down (unusually unevenly) into the air-space too soon. Eventually the tobacco will get down there on its own; just don’t “help it along” with excessive tamping force. 

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